Friday, March 21, 2008

"Alphabet soup anybody?" NATURALLY Speaking Guest Commentary By Christopher C. Barr

This month has been declared 'National Colorectal Awareness Month'. Yet the web site of the sponsoring agency never mentions the mineral selenium.

Increased selenium intake using specifically a 100% whole food supplemental form of the mineral has repeatedly been linked to more than a 50 per cent reduction in colon cancer. One of the research groups associated with the sponsoring agency in the past has noted the connection even though the agency itself is mute on the matter.

Dramatic results in both prevention and treatment of cancer have been noted from use of selenium supplements with amounts starting from a minimum of 200 micrograms daily with a 100% whole food supplemental form of the mineral.

Why is there not so much as a mention of the mineral selenium that has demonstrated the highest rate of colon cancer prevention of any substance ever tested on anyone anywhere?

ABCs of health by bureaucracy

The ACS (American Cancer Society) disdains selenium and antioxidant supplements in general. Studies are presented showing no results or even worse results with antioxidants. However, those studies are always with synthesized, man-made compounds rather than forms that are grown.

When one study noted a dramatically positive correlation between selenium supplementation and colorectal cancer more than a decade ago it was criticized in the AMA (American Medical Association) journal because the study did not use a synthesized version – the very version that does not test so very well.

A deficiency of selenium has also been prominently connected to heart disease though you won't hear that from the AHA (American Heart Association). Neither will you hear about the mineral chromium from them (or other alphabet agencies with official sanction) though its deficiency has been prominently connected to heart disease for decades.

The ADA (American Diabetes Association as well as American Dieticians Association) barely make a mention of chromium in relation to diabetes though it was established as essential for life half a century ago because of its role in blood sugar metabolism.

The IOM (Institute of Medicine) not too long ago put out a several hundred page report calling for much tighter regulation of nutrition supplements. Yet the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) can’t keep up with drugs they have approved that are killing tens of thousands every year.

Every ill effect that has ever occurred from nutrition supplement use in the total history of the world doesn't even approach the number of just deaths alone in only one year from the use of drugs approved and used by way of alphabet agency groups.

AlphaBureauCratic toxic soup

Our health care is in the soup largely because the alphabet soup groups in the forefront of research concentrate their efforts upon drugs and medical treatments rather than upon healthy habits such as food and nutrients from food.

“We do not recommend supplements,” said Dr. Peter Greenwald, M.D., Dr. PH, Director of the NCI (National Cancer Institute) Division of Cancer Prevention and Control as part of his dismissal of a selenium cancer study more than a decade ago. The study was a large study of more than 10 years duration with the most astounding cancer prevention results ever seen (then or now).

Seven years later a drug study with results significantly less than half as good in a trial of much shorter duration with far fewer subjects received rave review by Dr. Greenwald.

“This trial proves that prostate cancer, at least in part, is preventable. It is a huge step forward for cancer research,” said Greenwald of a drug treatment with a 25 per cent reduction of prostate cancer. The selenium trial that Greenwald panned had a 63 per cent reduction of prostate cancer. The drug study noted extensive side effects including an increase in more aggressive (lethal) prostate cancer in those taking the drug than in those not taking it. The selenium study noted no side effects at all.

Dr. Greenwald remains in his position at NCI and is also currently a research staff member at BCRF (the Breast Cancer Research Foundation). As the old saying goes, “With friends like that …”

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is another old saying. A daily selenium supplement of only 200 micrograms would take 40 years to reach just an ounce of prevention. It is not much. It is probably not even enough. It would be a good start and a refreshing change for most women and men alike.

Cancer, diabetes, or heart disease (to name just three) are not drug deficiencies. These are primarily dietary disorders due to both reduced nutrition and added toxin contents.

This nation does not have a health care program. It has a sick care program.

Almost all the money in the health "care" system goes into this sick care program. Much of it is given willingly by the sheeple in marathons, walk-a-thons and other fund raising schemes and scams from false shepherds leading them down a primrose path.

When will someone organize a fundraiser for nutrition programs? Would anyone contribute?

How about working together for real health CARE for a change?

Christopher C. Barr writes Naturally Speaking from Arkansas: The Natural State … naturally! You may write him at P. O. Box 1147, Pocahontas, Arkansas 72455 or by e-mail at

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