Tuesday, February 26, 2008

GSK Receives Favorable Recommendation by FDA Advisory Committee for Rotarix "Rotavirus infects virtually every child in the U.S. by age five and is the leading cause of severe gastroenteritis in infants and young children worldwide."

Diarrhea or intestinal collapse and death? Which would you choose as a parent? If you look to the federal government to be your mommy and daddy, then you must perceive the risk of death to vaccine as worthwhile in the prevention of completely treatable diarrhea. I am not one to ordinarily call for licensure, but geez, if you do not see the danger of making every childhood symptom evidence of a vaccine deficiency, perhaps you are not ready to bring children into this world. Turning over your kids to the state is a dangerous and irresponsible thing for parents to do. GSK in combination with the CDC does not a parental substitute make unless you believe that government is an arbiter of biological truth that can only be known by virtue of being a part of some ancient order of an artificial antibody cult. Last week's notes include reference to numerous natural cures for diarrhea. Here they are again:

In the homeopathic realm, there are a few critical ones that come to mind, including Baptisia, Podophyllum, Arsenicum alb., Cinchona (China), Baptisia and Chamomilla. I grow impatient with the vaccination worshippers who see normal physiological function as something that should be prevented by injecting toxic medicaments not approved for ingestion into their children.

Feds prescribe new recipe for flu shot "Next year's flu vaccine is getting a complete overhaul to provide protection against three new and different influenza strains — hopefully better protection than this year's version."

Here they go again. The danger of democracy in action occurs each year when welfare scientists on the Flu Shot Advisory Committee meet to vote on next year's influenza vaccine. What are the odds that they'll get it right next year? You can view my perspective from the video Sweet Remedy by going here:

What magical powers do the Feds have to determine what to put in the flu shot each year? Lunacy abounds at the CDC, especially as evidence of their delusional belief in the power of biological democracy. "Every vote must count!" Actually, the only ones that are counted are those from the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex with conflicts of interests heavier than the mercury-based thimerasol still found in most flu vaccines.

The CDC and its flu shot cronies are evidence of immunological insanity stemming from their infantile perspective on immune function. Having an antibody to next years "predicted" flu is no guarantee of protection. It is the health of the terrain that is essential to the protection of life, not the presence or absence of an antibody. When will they acknowledge the existence of Antoine Bechamp? Don't wait, lest you become a victim of Louis Pasteur's immature understanding of biology.

The Law of the Terrain trumps the Germ Theory, but the Feds remain hopelessly lost in a sea of microbes of their own artificial creation. I dub thee the Centers for Disease Creation and Abomination. You no longer have to become their willing participant or victim. Plan now for next flu season by restoring integrity to your own terrain. Maybe then all the unused flu vaccine will be served at next year's CDC Christmas party. Next question: "Who spiked the punch with Thimerasol? Does that little wang flavor they taste come from the labs of Merck or Sanofi-Aventis?" Hmmm.

Autopsies forecast surge in U.S. heart disease "The dietary quality has deteriorated over the last 15 years," said Dr. Phillip Mellen of the Hattiesburg Clinic, "In our study, the youngest age group was the age group with the worst disease."

Even though most people would claim to be in opposition to it, cardiovascular suicide is what millions of Americans are engaged in by adopting the platform of the American Heart Association. It is absurd to chase cholesterol when oxidative stress unanswered by adequate whole food nutrition (including Chromium, Selenium and Silica) is already scientifically acknowledged to be the root of all circulatory evil. This problem has been with us for so long now that it should be embarrassing to the medical profession which seems not to pay attention to its own science.

"Studies of American soldiers killed in Korean and Vietnam wars showed that nearly 75% of them already had developed some form of atherosclerosis by age 25 or younger."

How can it be that with all of our knowledge the problem has actually gotten worse, not better, over the last 40 years? Can you say the Church of Biological Mysticism? Misplaced faith in pharmaceutical drugs has led to mass suicide akin to the massacre that occurred in Guyana under the cult of Jim Jones. Freedom of Religion is one thing, but a mandated medical monopoly, ESPECIALLY one this stupid is surely a violation of the Establishment Clause of our duly ordained Constitution for these united States of America. As you awake from your cardiovascular slumber, don't forget to ingest cod liver oil every day, rather than remain under the illusion that heart disease is evidence of a statin drug deficiency...

Actually, getting ON meds is the dangerous point of origin never to be acknowledged by those who rely on this corrupt degradation of biological truth to enslave the masses in chemotherapeutic insanity.

We simply must look to alter or abolish the paradigm that foolishly sees mental and emotional disorders as mere chemical imbalances to be "corrected" by introducing the synthetic sustenance of the Pharmaceutical Industrial complex. I realize that taking a pill may be "easier" than correcting nutritional deficiencies -- or even addressing the lifelong search for the meaning of life -- but when our reliance on the pills results in the demise of "innocent" bystanders, then the "psychiatric drug" paradigm has gone too far. Choose life. Choose nutrition. In addition to nutritional correction, find your reason for being. Service is a great place to start. Also, read The Diet Cure and The Mood Cure by Julia Ross for some simple insights as to how to tweak your nutritional intake for better mental and emotional health.

Getting off meds should have positive consequences. Manipulating brain chemistry through drugs is an abomination. You want to argue otherwise? Talk to the parents of children who lost their kids in senseless school attacks brought about by the "adjustment" of psychiatric medication. Even Michael Moore now admits that Columbine was the result of Ritalin and SSRI drugs, not guns. No more excuses. Drug-free school zones won't do squat until they're free of Prozac, Paxil and Zoloft, to name a few...

Friday, February 22, 2008

See you at The Health Freedom Expo in Long Beach, California, February 22-24, 2008!
Robert Scott Bell will lecture Friday, February 22, 2008 at 11AM PST in room 202C on "The End of Infectious Disease: What Big PHARMA Can't Tell You."

Part II will occur on Sunday, February 24, 2008 at 4 PM PST in room 202AB.

Also, The Robert Scott Bell Show will broadcast LIVE from the show floor on Sunday from 10 AM to 1 PM PST from Booth 436 courtesy of Sovereign Silver, Orange TKO .

The Robert Scott Bell Show is now PODCASTING! Go to itunes or do a Google Search for "Robert Scott Bell" + "podcast" and listen at your convenience.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Silver dental fillings may not harm kids' brains "The fillings are made from a combination of metals, including mercury, and research has shown that small amounts of mercury vapor are released from the fillings over time." Why do they even persist in trying to defend the indefensible? Lie-ability. They would be bankrupted by an admission that mercury in the teeth might actually be deleterious to good health. It is amazing that government regulators charged with protecting the public warn us about the dangers of mercury, unless of course it comes in vaccines or "silver" fillings. Mercury toxicity has so many symptoms, both subtle and powerful, that you need many pages in the Materia Medica to catalog them all. The study only looked at the overt presence of VERY FEW:

"...the two groups showed no differences in their rates of neurological symptoms, such as tremors, vision or hearing deficits, or coordination problems."

I think that they should investigate the investigators for mercury toxicity and conflicts of interest for subjecting innocent third world children to the hazards of the 2nd most toxic metal known to man.

The MRSA Saga Continues...

Hospitals now must report serious staph cases to officials "The order...is an initial step by state officials to gain insight into an alarming increase in drug-resistant staph infections that are now believed to kill 19,000 Americans a year." Modern medicine creates problem. Big government encroaches with more mandates on the medical profession. Medical care becomes more expensive and less available. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama kill what's left of freedom and it becomes a criminal offense to seek help outside of government-mandated medical care(lessness). Just how good is the semi-private hospital-focused medical industry?

"A landmark study in the Journal of the American Medical Association in October found that nearly 60 percent of life-threatening MRSA cases occurred among people who were infected within a year of having been hospitalized for any reason, and that an additional 25 percent acquired their infections while they were patients in a hospital."

Hmmm. Nosocomial infections of the MRSA variety linked to hospital visits. I have been saying it for years, but the last place you want to go when you are sick is the hospital. If you have to go, get out as soon as you are able and replenish your healthy gut flora with Dr. Ohirra's Probiotics 12 Plus, pronto. What else can you do with man-made microbes? Ingest lots of Uniform Picoscalar Oligodynamic Silver Hydrosol. Oil of Oregano, Beta 1-3, 1-6 Glucan, Colostrum, Allicin-stabilized Garlic, Homeopathic Hepar sulfur calcarea and more are also available from the natural world to help correct the mistakes rooted in man's arrogance. Oh, and stay out of hospitals!

Three MRSA cases confirmed at Lima Senior It is certainly safe for the students to attend school, but parents need to be watchful,” Superintendent Karel Oxley said. Watchful for what? Probably microbes, according to the authorities. Very little attention is paid to the terrain of these immune-compromised children. IF the kids were truly healthy, they could withstand this so-called super bug, which is only considered "super" because it has made a specific adaptation to outwit methicillen. It is no stronger than regular staph and in some cases it may be weaker. What is for sure is that the kids are weaker each generation that we rely on drugs instead of nutrition for good health and preventive maintenance. Instead, those blinded by allopathic medicine will call for a WAR on MRSA by stealing more money from Taxpayers to "invest" in powerful new antibiotics that promise to destroy all life as we know it. Ugh. The arrogance of man knows no limits until that arrogance kills him. MRSA is just doing what it has been programmed to do.

I Was Right About The Bird Flu Hoax

More and more of you are beginning to catch on to the game of the medical industrial complex. Create fear and helplessness and then swoop down from the heavens with magic potions to be injected or ingested by force, if necessary. Internment camps for coughing, you say? Don't laugh, as Pandemic legislation paves the way for just such a reality. If they say "Bird Flu" you'll just have to believe them. If you don't, can you say, "house arrest"? All to prevent the spread of something that may never happen. Even if it did, there are numerous means to pulmonary salvation, including the nebulization and inhalation of Silver Hydrosol and Glutathione. It must suck being an Avian Flu aficionado, especially when you realize that the more you perpetuate irrational fear, the more likely the natives are to grab their pitchforks when they learn the truth. Is anybody at the CDC or NIH listening? Send them some Ear Candles...

GSK Vaccine Death Risk

Study: GSK vaccine may increase risk of convulsion, death "GlaxoSmithKline's rotavirus vaccine, called Rotarix, is associated with an increased risk of convulsions and pneumonia-related deaths in children taking it..." Are you willing to risk your child's death by modern medicine just because one day he might get diarrhea? How many ways does the medical profession have to re-hydrate a sick child?

"Rotovirus is the most common cause of severe diarrhea and dehydration among infants and young children."

How many ways can you halt dangerous diarrhea without resorting to BIG PHARMA? Let me count them. In the homeopathic realm, there are a few critical ones that come to mind, including Baptisia, Podophyllum, Arsenicum alb., Cinchona (China), Baptisia and Chamomilla. I grow impatient with the vaccination worshippers who see normal physiological function as something that should be prevented by injecting toxic medicaments not approved for ingestion into their children. Enough already! GSK is the same multi-national that put out a hit on all little girls with their HPV-targeted Garda-kill.

When you have diarrhea, the body is desperately trying to eliminate something that does NOT belong in the body. Homeopathy can safely reverse the trend without fully suppressing the body's innate intelligence. In this way, you can manage symptoms away from dangerous extremes while honoring the necessity of rapid detoxification. Never more would you have to play Russian Vaccine Roulette because of inbred helplessness forced upon us by government and its most favored established religion, allopathic medicine. I do not argue against your freedom to choose Imodium, if that's the way you want to go...

SSRI Bullets

How many schools need to get shot up before America "shoots" the real culprit? Every school shooting since Columbine (and before) involved a perpetrator that was on, or just coming off, or adjusting to meds prescribed by the psychiatric profession. Ignorant means you just don't know but are capable of learning. Stupid means you just "ain't never gonna" learn. How would you classify the culture that worships at the Church of Biological Mysticism and its "mind" denomination gone mental? I ask again: How many more school shootings is it going to take before we get everyone off SSRI medication? It's bad enough that the drug companies manufacture them, but it's worse that licensed medical professionals continue to prescribe them. Especially since there is no mental or emotional disorder that is evidence of a Prozac/Paxil/Zoloft deficiency.

Then we have the leftist gun-grabbers who blame an inanimate object for causing such mayhem. A gun never made anyone suicidal or homicidal, but FDA approved medications sure have. Rather than a compassionate plea to ban the drugs that cause death, Democrats are largely calling for more tax subsidies to make them more available for the poor. Like they need more drugs! What they need is adequate nutrition.
Since welfare medical authorities cannot bring themselves to even consider a relationship between nutrition and mental health, please allow me do it for them. Without adequate Chromium, the pancreas is unable to do its job adequately, thus sending many into hypoglycemic rage. Psychiatric drugs, among the many deleterious effects, also hammers the pancreas, thus WORSENING an already terrible nutritional disorder. Is this a nefarious plot by those who would like to see an end to the Second Amendment? Imagine if the professor had a weapon in that lecture hall. How many lives could have been saved? If you disarm a populace, the innocent become defenseless. Does your right to DEFEND life stop just because you are on a college campus? Are you supposed to wait for college cops before you do something rash, like bring down the attacker?

What kind of culture have we become if we remain passive in the face of threats to life, liberty and property? In this case the threat was not "imagined" by government so that we could go to pre-emptive war. It was real, present and unmistakable, except to those who believe that your rights only exist by virtue of being part of some group. We are asked to believe that because we may be part of a college student population, that we must suspend our right to defend ourselves. If this is part of liberalism, then Perhaps Michael Savage is right, it is a mental disorder. Are we defending the right to be a victim? Or is that an obligation?

More news is coming out that the shooter, Stephen Kazmiercza Had 'Become Erratic' Off Meds... In a sane society, the FDA would be rebuked and their power diminished. Unfortunately, in our drugged culture, congress will give FDA more money and power to do what they are either unwilling or unable to do, protect the public from dangerous food and drugs. The illusion of safety stamped upon our consciousness by the benevolent federal behemoth leads to this pharmaceutically-induced homegrown terror. Who are the real culprits? Big Government and the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex that purchased it. Can Hillary solve it? Only if you think the solution is a bigger and badder FDA. The same goes for Obama and McCain. They are so blind that they cannot see the truth right in front of their face, or in the mirror. Every solution that they propose makes the problem worse. Their misplaced faith in government will be our undoing.
Only one man running for president speaks such truth to power. You already know the humble Dr. Ron Paul. Just like the little boy who pointed out the naked emperor, Ron Paul shines a laser-focused spotlight on the real cause of what ails this nation. Disband the FDA and the illusion that they have magic powers to protect us from ourselves. Maybe we will grow up enough to take responsibility for our own lives and nutritional needs. Only then can we prevent the drug-induced killing sprees facilitated by our misplaced trust in government regulation over our health. The FDA is complicit in the rampant Death By Modern Medicine.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The UN vs. Marijuana Vending Machines

It's bad enough that the federal government ignores state law, despite the 10th Amendment's prohibition, now we have an enemy of the US calling for overturning state laws as well. The United Nations has been itching to displace U.S. national sovereignty since its inception. Could the War on Drugs be their lynchpin? It is stunning that any American would support the banning of a plant medicinal just because the government says there is no good use for it. Are the feds taking their cues from the U.N. or the other way around? This is what the WTO, NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT and other international treaties get us. Even if they have "free trade" in the title, you can be certain that you will have less of it when you turn over national sovereignty (or what's left of it) to an unelected global bureaucracy. Does the U.N. believe in your freedom and medical sovereignty?

"In its statement, the Vienna-based drug board also said scientific research about the therapeutic usefulness of cannabis or cannabis extracts was still in progress and had not produced much evidence."

I didn't think so. In a free society, you would be able to make decisions about how you care for yourself and your family, WITHOUT government interference. Even our government no longer believes in such freedom. Well, except for the last defender of the Constitution, Ron Paul, of course. Will the blue helmeted denizens of the U.N. be patrolling the streets of L.A. looking for Cannabis vending machines? If they do, what will they call it? Probably a U.N. Peace Pipe Keeping Mission. Will they invite Angelina Jolie and George Clooney? What if they smoke the peace pipe, will they still be allowed to participate? Dude, say want you want about Ganja, but it is 1000% safer than that which comes from the bowels of BIG PHARMA.

Do you realize how many industries are threatened by a little plant that was given to humanity by that which Created the earth and the heavens? This is not about people getting high. It is simply a matter of LIBERTY. Who owns you? Whether you have a disease that can be helped by "medical" marijuana or not, the fact that government can ban nature should be a signal to Al Gore to call off the Global Warming warmongering. His posturing that "it is only through world government that we can save planet earth" has got to go. It is precisely BIG GOVERNMENT that has enabled and facilitated the environmental destruction he claims to loathe so much. Only Dr. Ron Paul gets this one as well. Restoration of private property rights is the ONLY solution. Government-sanctioned corporate "ownership" has provided the means by which there is NO RECOURSE to violations of life and liberty perpetrated by artificial creations of the state -- or the state itself.

No one has a RIGHT to pollute your food, water or air. In our current government-worshipping situation, they can pollute and you have to cry to EPA, whose very rules allow the polluters to pollute. Is that too complicated for you Al? Imagine if polluters were held accountable for the toxins they dumped on We the People. Bingo, bango, bongo. Problem solved, except Gore-gore's still not happy because he really has world government on his mind, much like Hillary-Obama-Bush-McCain and Huckabee (CFR lackeys everyone of them). Quick, send some weed to the United Nations and let them smoke until they float off Manhattan Isle never to return.

The CDC's Katrina Cancer

The agency that serves as the de facto marketing arm of the vaccine industry is again caught protecting industry over the health of the poorest among us. Who is going to notice if a bunch of welfare recipients get cancer? I can almost hear them in the Georgia bedrock deep below Emory University making moral justification for suppressing formaldehyde out-gassing in FEMA-purchased trailers. "Well, most of them would probably get cancer anyway, so why should we say anything?" A high-level doc within CDC's own ranks decides to blow the whistle and gets shuffled off to a desk job on the X-Files. Lest you think that these accusations were being made by some low-level janitor on Clifton Road,
"De Rosa had been head of the division of toxicology and environmental medicine in CDC's Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry since 1992."

Hang on, Julie Gerberding, they're coming for you too. "Justice" would be forcing Chicken Little Gerberdink to live in one of those FEMA Formaldehyde trailers. The chief welfare recipient at CDC must be held accountable for grotesque negligence in "helping" the victims of Hurricane Katrina with such contempt. Do you see what we have to look forward to in the next government-loving administration, whether it be Obama-Clinton-McCain-Huckabee? Compassion at the force of a gun is not compassion, it's criminal.

Who speaks out against such criminality? The one doctor who continues to make the correct diagnosis is the presidential candidate held under strict media blackout. Who might that be? The truly Honorable Ron Paul. As a physician, he knows first hand the damage inflicted upon medical practice by government encroachment. His solution? Freedom. So while the CDC desperately attempts to keep their diseased "doublewides" a secret, Ron Paul remains an unwelcome voice to welfare bureaucrats, much like the child that pointed out the naked emperor. Only this time, he is not alone. Awaken to The Revolution: A Manifesto, coming soon to reveal the blueprint of the next American Revolution -- or is that the completion of the one that was begun over 200 years ago?

The Botox Blues

What a wonderful medical system we have to inject children with botulism toxin and risking their death. Come to think of it, this is a similar game being played on children through the vaccination program. Occasionally, it kills a child. So why isn't the FDA reviewing the safety of vaccines? Over one billion dollars have been paid out to families of injured and killed children since passage of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986. There is a deafening silence coming from the FDA on childhood vaccine safety. Back to Botox:

"...the toxin can spread beyond the injection site to other parts of the body, paralyzing or weakening the muscles used for breathing and swallowing..."

Who thought that this would be a good idea? I understand the allopathic thought form, it's just the execution that I find disgusting. If you want to relax the muscles of a C.P. sufferer, there are other ways to do it without relying on synthetic botulism.

Heath Ledger's FDA

Heath Ledger died of accidental overdose "28-year-old actor had oxycodone, anti-anxiety, sleep aids in his system..."

Right again I am. When I first learned of Mr. Ledger's untimely death, I predicted that they would find that he was another statistic of modern medicine -- an FDA approved iatrogenic death...

The media tried to spin it as another Hollywood celebrity done in by street drugs. Unfortunately for Pfizer, Merck, GSK and others, the truth is out there and it's a toxic drug brought to you by a partnership between FDA and BIG PHARMA. The question is, where did he learn to take them?

"Among the drugs found in his body were oxycodone, a painkiller sold as OxyContin and used in other pain relievers such as Percodan and Percocet. Others included drugs sold as anti-anxiety pills Valium and Xanax, which are sedatives."

Kids today (and for few generations prior) come to look at government approved drugs as the norm for ANY symptom, no matter how natural. "Mixed messages" would be an understatement. On the one hand, you have signs that say "Drug-free School Zones" while half the kids are hopped up on Ritalin, Decongestants, Antibiotics, Antihistamines, steroid-inhalants, NSAIDS and more.

It's amazing that more kids do not fall prey to the corner drug dealer at CVS and Walgreen's. Actually, even if they do not have a prescription, you can find them snorting Sudafed, or its street derived Crystal meth. When you look at all the injury and death due to the approved variety, the criminalized ones look saintly by comparison.

How confusing it must be to be a kid today told not to take drugs while mommy and daddy pop a pill for everything life throws at them. Even worse, if parents do not throw enough drugs and vaccines at their children, then the state can come in and force them on children whose only crime may have been a sniffle in the United States of Drugmerica. Heath Ledger is merely a byproduct of the drug culture that went legitimate once it got the government stamp of approval.

Which clause is it in the Constitution which permits government to grant a monopoly to drug makers while denying equal access to alternative forms of treatment not from the demon-spawn of I.G. Farben? It is not OK for you to wait for approval from Hillary Clinton before you remove yourself and your kids from the pharmaceutical teat.

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