Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Biologically Correct Political Incorrectness

Vaccine Failure Is Setback in AIDS Fight "The multiple surprises have reminded researchers how much they still do not know about HIV's biology. It has also focused attention on questions they never asked." How about this one: Why is it that in every other disease "having an antibody" is good news as it indicates that your immune system has met and overcome the challenge, while in the medical world of Bob "Dr. Seuss" Gallo, an antibody indicates inevitable death? Horton, do you hear the WHO -- or the NIH, CDC or FDA? They still do not get it and probably never will.

Abject immune collapse is not the fault of a retrovirus -- especially one never actually isolated from the blood of an AIDS sufferer. If a medical reporter ever looked into (and actually understood) the pathological gymnastics that needed to occur before doctors could point to something they call HIV, the AIDS jig would be up. That is, if they were ever actually allowed to print the truth regarding the shaky foundation that is the HIV causation hypothesis.

You know you are on thin ice when someone yells "Hey, you're on thin ice!" and your response is to curse them for telling you, rather than just getting off the ice.

Are you really a monster if you point out the flaws and scientific-deficiency disease prevalent among HIV-apologists? Where is the vaccine after all these years? And what happens if the vaccine were to stimulate antibodies against HIV? Would these be the ones that signal that you will live? How will they tell them apart from the ones your immune system produced naturally that mean you are going to die? Do the tests actually detect antibodies to HIV, or are they cross-reactive to many potential antibodies?

Questioning the science of AIDS does not make you a "denialist." However, if you are marginalized for your stance by those with pharmaceutical conflicts of interest, you get a gold star in my science book. Scientists who still support Robert Gallo's HIV-test "religion" designed to drive the world to varying degrees of toxic chemotherapy should have their grants revoked and redirected to Peter Duesberg's lab at U.C. Berkeley.

How dare I point out that the so-called antibody tests for HIV do not actually prove the presence or absence of HIV or AIDS? Read the FDA approved inserts for yourself. Ask Kary Mullis, winner of the 1993 Nobel Prize in chemistry, if PCR is an appropriate detection method for HIV in the blood? If HIV behaves as a pathogenic microbe at all (and I'm not conceding the point), it would be due to an exhausted, toxic and deficient biological milieu. Of course, this would require that pharmaceutical pseudo-scientists actually study and understand Antoine Béchamp and The Law of the Terrain (you can hear about Béchamp by clicking this link).

How many billions must be wasted on a failed hypothesis before the scientific method is again restored to immune deficiency disease inquiry? If questioning the real cause of AIDS is shocking to you, perhaps you could do a bit more reading here: Rethinking AIDS. What if everything you thought you knew about AIDS was wrong?

If you think that I am stating that people are not suffering from multiple immune deficiencies, then you obviously can't read. The immune deficiency is real. The CAUSE is in question. Have you read Professor Peter Duesberg on AIDS?

Only the brave will learn the truth. The cowards will continue to hide behind Taxpayer stolen funds and drug company supported "activist" groups. The first wave of deaths that occurred among those diagnosed with AIDS in the early years (once treatment was available) were actually killed by AZT. This is an admitted fact. Did any of the medical experts who advocated such a disastrous treatment protocol even lose grant money?

AIDS as it is "conventionally" viewed is another "Germ Theory" based failure in the sad history of Death By Modern Medicine. I have been writing on this topic years before "blog" was even a word at my website: http://rsbell.com. If you want to learn more than I have time to write about anew, go there and search for "HIV" and "AIDS" to learn more than you may want to know.

One request: Before striking out in blind emotion, do your homework. Continue to let others tell you what to think and believe about AIDS at your own immune peril. The truth is quite empowering, which may actually be the reason that the medical establishment is so fearful that you may learn it. How powerful is fear? Strong enough to get people with nutritional deficiencies and drug proficiencies to ingest pharmaceuticals able to kill the healthiest among us, much less those who can least afford to be intoxicated by FDA approved substances. How powerful is knowledge? It's not enough to know. The real question is: Are you willing to act on what you know to be true?

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