Saturday, March 1, 2008

. Don't stop taking anti-depressants, doctors urge "Given these results, there seems little reason to prescribe anti-depressant medication to any but the most severely depressed patients unless alternative treatments have failed to provide a benefit."

The only real depression here is from those that recognize the sad descent into medical tyranny that our nation has undergone and then do nothing about it. Maybe that's despair. Check out Dean Esmay's blog for a thread related to the tragedy of SSRI-induced suicides and homicides, called Requiem Project: SSRI Testimonials by my good friend Celia Farber. Chime in on the discussion if you like. Many give a "free pass" to the drug industry because of good intentions or the fact that some people claim to be helped by psychiatric drugs. No other industry gets such a free pass based upon good intentions and some help. What if St. John's Wort was linked to school shootings and suicides? Even one would be too many for the likes of Dick Durbin, Henry Waxman and John Dingell. You would hear them shouting from the rooftops in the MSM about the "unregulated" danger that dietary supplements pose to the health and safety of planet earth. Never mind that

"...a scientific study [shows] that the drugs are little more effective than placebos in treating depression."

Not only are they dangerous, but they aren't even effective. Isn't that what they say about herbs and vitamins? So, if they claim that supplements don't work, therefore they should be pulled from the market (even in the absence of complaints or demonstrable harm) then what are we to do about the leading cause of death in a heavily regulated industry? For those of you inside the beltway, I refer here to FDA approved pharmaceuticals, to which most of our elected representatives are addicted.

A nation of addicts is reflected in its federal representation, whether it be legislative, executive or judicial. If they are not outright addicted to the drugs, then its the lobby money in support of the medical monopoly. By the way, the FDA-legitimized drug cartel does no favor to the medical doctors who have been granted special licensure. Rather than freeing good docs up to help patients in need, the medical monopoly has enslaved them to a relationship dependent upon government and thereby subservient to it. I have a feeling that most doctors would rather compete in a free and open marketplace rather than see another generation suffer under the weight of a bureaucratic oligarchy, even if it is weighted heavily in favor of allopathic medicine.

Those who like the current system are likely on multiple medications already. Those clamoring for universal healthcare a la Hillary will never have enough drugs to mask the misery that will ensue once the system has become completely totalitarian. Universal totalitarianism does not sound as appealing as universal health care, does it? In reality, they are one in the same thing. Unless you want to argue that government control of over 15% of the GDP equates to freedom. If that's the case, there may not even be a dietary supplement that can help you get out of the pill bottle in which you are stuck...

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