Saturday, March 15, 2008

What, me worry? The real concern on the part of the medical industrial complex is that millions of parents will realize that they have been sold a false bill of goods. Their fear of declining vaccination rates resulting in a return to epidemics is based upon another falsehood: The Germ Theory. Disease is not caused by pathogens. Pathogens are the RESULT of disease. Pediatricians are not schooled in Bechamp's Law of the Terrain, so they necessarily fear that microbes are a threat to life, liberty and property.

The reality is that encountering traditional childhood diseases STRENGTHENS the immune system, allowing it to adapt appropriately to life on planet earth. The children taken out or paralyzed are not killed by the pathogens, but by corrupted or weakened systems that cannot overcome the challenge and detoxify from the immune battle. The "polio" argument assumes that 100% of children coming into contact with the polio virus will not only "get it" but be paralyzed by it as well. This is HOGWASH. Healthy kids, when encountering the virus blamed for paralytic polio barely show a sniffle. Pasteur-heads think that disease is a roll of the dice and that those that do not die or suffer paralysis got "lucky." The laws of the universe are exacting and allow no room for "luck" -- just cause and effect. If you can be convinced that disease is merely a random act of God, then you can be convinced to worship the priests of the Church of Biological Mysticism, Vaccination denomination. They have programmed into your head that "what you do" does not matter, therefore you must rely upon synthetic cocktails either ingested or injected so that you might survive that which would ordinarily kill you on contact.

This reminds me of the science fiction classic Logan's Run, where you are forced to enter the lottery to see if you will gain sanctuary instead of being exterminated at age 30. It turned out that everyone terminates. Similarly, the medical game of vaccination is like Russian Roulette, except that every chamber is fully loaded. The only question remaining is "when will it go off?" Now that the government Vaccine Court (sort of) admits the vaccine-autism causation link, perhaps they will acknowledge the "unstudied" long term detrimental effects of vaccination. Actually, they wear mercury-laced horse-blinders, so it's not bloody likely. All medical focus goes to the eradication of the expression of childhood diseases while their collective pharmaceutical head is stuck firmly up their as-pirin bottle. Doctors cannot lay claim to the mantle of "science" as long as they continue to deny (or even consider) the chronic diseases of degradation precipitated by synthetically circumventing naturally derived immune maturation.

Public health officials, otherwise known as welfare scientists, can worry all they want about diminishing rates of vaccination, it will not change the biological FACT that disease is primarily the result of a toxic and deficient terrain, NOT the absence of an antibody. Of course, awareness on this level restores immunological sovereignty, something not so profitable for BIG PHARMA. An awakened and self-reliant populace is also not ideal for Big Government and the bureaucratic oligarchy that stifles freedom through biological ignorance and fear. Who is really responsible? The parent who provides whole organic unprocessed foods, natural remedies and lots of love -- or the one relying on drive-thru vaccines and the Standard American Diet?

Don't even think of arguing for "herd" immunity -- that's what we have now, along with some of the highest rates of cancer, diabetes and heart disease on planet earth. Are we not men? Or are we are merely cattle to be branded with Real-ID and injected with experimental medicaments in order to maintain consumer status in the foundationless economic New World Order? Do you really want to protect your kids? Then clear the terrain of the drug-addicted nanny state and restore freedom to these united States of America for your children. It may be too late for the old folks.

Will we leave our offspring a milieu that values individual liberty and maintains government merely to protect it? Or will we continue to act as if government medical "experts" are the only thing preventing a microbial meltdown? Is a fungus more dangerous than a socialist or a communist? I would say they are about equal and they do the same job. They are trying to remind us that the restoration of a balanced terrain is the only thing that will put them back under the rock where they normally reside, doing harm to no one.

In a free society that protects the individual, you have the option of going a medical or holistic route without government interference. In our descent to socialized medicine, collectivists claim that the individual is a great danger to the heard, therefore medical intervention can be forced, even at the risk of death to that individual. How else would we tolerate the disease, injury and death CAUSED by vaccination? The greater good is not so great when your child is injured or killed BECAUSE of it. As long as medical apologists look at statistics instead of humans, the collateral damage resulting from a flawed and immature paradigm will always be excused by pointing to a "greater" good. Tell that "greater good" to the parents that have lost their child not to the "germs" but to the insane fear of them. The greater good is achieved only when we value the sanctity of ALL life -- and that results only when we understand the Law of the Terrain.

What grows in a nation that respects private property? Liberty.

What grows in a nation that espouses medical collectivism for the common good? Slavery.

Where do you stand?

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