Sunday, April 13, 2008

Avast ye, Avastin! Your Cancer Drug Credentials Are in Question

Cancer Drug Ruling Will Have Wide Impact "Genentech's studies of Avastin showed that while the drug halted tumor growth for more than 11 months, breast cancer patients didn't live significantly longer than those who didn't receive the drug." Then what's the point?

Selling worthless drugs with FDA approval is precisely the game as it is played on the American people, the most drugged population on planet earth. Somehow, I do not think that's what the Founding Fathers had in mind in establishing a new nation. A nation of people that relies on the government to direct them in their health and medical choices is the antithesis of what they were thinking of at the dawning of these united States of America.

Oh sure, they really wanted a country where the people would be dependent upon a federal bureaucracy at the nation's seat of power. Do you see how absurd our decline into medical tyranny actually is? A free people, or a people who cherish freedom would never tolerate such a descent into socialized fascism of any variety, least of all medical.

Traditionally, FDA only approved cancer drugs that extended the lifespan of patients. However, in recent years companies have studied alternate measures of a drug's effectiveness. One of the most controversial measures is so-called progression-free survival, or how long the drug halts the spread of cancer.

While I believe it is your freedom to choose a drug that may have no benefit, the fact that its makers enjoy a government sanctioned monopoly means that you are not really free to choose it. How can you be, if that's your only choice? It's just like the plethora of options that you would enjoy under communist rule. You can have any color car you like, as long as it's black.

In our current system of government, you can have any choice of cancer treatment you like, as long as it's chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. Selenium would be much simpler, cheaper and more effective. That is an outrage, but who speaks out for medical freedom in this country? I mean, besides Ron Paul...

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