Saturday, April 5, 2008

The UN-American FDA by David Kessler

Former FDA Commissioner Attempts To Justify It All "If members of our society were empowered to make their own decisions about the entire of range of products which the FDA has responsibility ... then the whole rationale for the agency would cease to exist. Exactly my point. These bonehead elitists actually believe the drivel coming out of their mouths. Mainly, that we, the great unwashed, are incapable of making rational decisions without them first being forced upon us by bureaucratic oligarchs polluting ten miles square (that's Washington, DC, in case there are any FDA apologists reading this). Do you believe that you cannot make a decision regarding the safety and health of your family without it first being reviewed by a bunch of Washington bureaucrats with conflicts of interest more toxic than AZT? Perhaps you would have loved living under the Soviet Union? You can still go to North Korea. What say the former FDA commissar about that?

"To argue that people ought to be able to choose their own risks, that government should not interfere ... is to impose an unrealistic burden on people when they are most vulnerable to manufacturers' assertions. ... Those are precisely the situations in which the legal and ethical justifications for the FDA's existence is [sic] greatest."

Legal? Where in the constitution does it give government the authority to regulate what we put on or into our bodies for their care? Ethical? How ethical is it to rob someone of his most precious right to care for himself or his family without government interference?

David Kessler is a pill bottle who lacks the sense to make a cogent argument for his position that the FDA is vital to protect the nation from dangerous medicaments and corporate fraud. David, the FDA is complicit on both of those fronts. Your FDA approved drugs kill more people every year (784,000 according to Death By Modern Medicine) than cancer AND heart disease. Fraud? Your approval process is rife with fraud and deceit and your malevolent attacks on the truthful and non-misleading claims of dietary supplement manufacturers is legendary.

No David Kessler, despite your protestations, your FDA is an UN-American and anti-freedom institution that is destroying the health of these united States of America and everyone in it not aligned with the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex. I apologize for being so vague and non-committal in my opinion of the FDA and David Kessler, but you'll just have to deal with it...

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