Saturday, April 26, 2008

What Does an Antibody Mean in the Era of AIDS?

Headline: Is it time to give up the search for an Aids vaccine? "After 25 years and billions of pounds, leading scientists are now forced to ask this question..."

I have been asking this question ever since they pronounced that the detection of (non-specific) antibodies to HIV was a certain death sentence.

"Most scientists involved in Aids research believe that a vaccine against HIV is further away than ever and some have admitted that effective immunization against the virus may never be possible..."

Well, it's about time. They have never yet explained how "vaccine-induced" HIV antibodies would be an indication that you will live, while detecting HIV antibodies that are "naturally" derived means a guaranteed death sentence (in 2 years. No wait, in 5. Well, maybe in 10, or is that 20. OK, how about 25 years?)

Maybe some never will, but I am encouraged to see that many sleeping scientists are slowly waking to immunological reality. Check out this YouTube below for a startling overview of the debate regarding HIV that never happens in the mainstream media (at least without marginalizing and fringing those daring to question HIV causation):

Celia Farber is awesome.

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