Saturday, May 31, 2008

Autism Link Acknowledged, More Organic Racing & Cancer Antioxidants on RSBell Radio

The Best of the RSBell Show Radio broadcast on Sunday, June 1, 2008 from 1 PM to 4 PM EDT: The environmental movement and families of vaccine-injured children have collided to cause public relations fits for the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex. There is a new "Green Our Vaccines" campaign that paints Big Pharma into an intoxicated corner. While I am not upset to see the vaccine industry squirm, especially after all the harm it has done to children, the new "green" campaign misses the real issue regarding the danger of injecting experimental medicaments into innocent children. What's the real issue? That it is being done at all, especially under deceptive and coercive methodologies. The only truly safe vaccine is the one that is never used. Have you ordered Dr. Sherri Tenpenny's new book yet? "Saying No to Vaccines: A Resource Guide for All Ages" is now available. As I build the new radio studio, please enjoy this encore presentation...

The Robert Scott Bell Show cherishes the principles that strengthen our understanding and practical application of freedom and healing. Where other talk shows leave off, the Robert Scott Bell Show is just getting started. Listen to the voice of health freedom and liberty for perspective this week Sunday, June 1, 2008 from 1 PM to 4 PM EDT. Just turn on your radio or internet stream at the appropriate time.

Hour One: Feds Admit Autism Link -- Big government did not want you to know that vaccines can cause autism. Apparently, they could deny the truth no longer. BIG PHARMA did not want you to know either, but they were having a hard time quieting Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carey. Now that the mainstream media may be free to report it, where do you stand on the issue? What about the military? It turns out that dark forces from within have signed an alliance with Mexico and Canada to share troops in case of domestic emergency. What about the emergency going on right now where elitists in government from both parties could not find the Constitution if it were taped to their forehead? Also, the disease of inflation: Its true causation coming up (or is that "going down"?)

Hour Two: Organic Racing -- Can a zero-carbon-footprint race car win the One Lap of America? Racing for the organic lifestyle has gotta be one of the the coolest ways to get people to go organic and get healthy. Kevin and M.Harmony, PhD (if I can get them off the racetrack) return to preview the Organic Race Year. I will also cover some more foundational principles for healing this nation and everyone in it. Also, more on the Free Competition in Currency Act. Plus, once you realize that we all suffer from a constitutional-deficiency disease, you may decide to look further into the good doctor Ron Paul. Also, remember to support HR 2117 - The Health Freedom Protection Act and defang the FDA (and the rest of the bureaucratic oligarchy) once and for all with the Congressional Responsibility and Accountability Act: H.R. 3302. Thanks for listening in where there's more freedom in three hours than most shows have in a whole year! Your calls at 1-800-449-8255. (Show topics subject to change based on breaking news and the whims of the host.)

Hour Three: Cancer Cures and More -- Special surprise guest Ann Louise Gittleman drops by to talk probiotics. Plus, Shari Lieberman PhD., returns to discuss your cancer options, including Poly-MVA. What if a loved one decides to undergo traditional oncology? Should they take antioxidants despite what their cancer doctor tells them? Uh-oh, we've got more science to counter the abject ignorance still present in the field of allopathic cancer treatment. Yes, the science is on the side of nutrients. On the political front, once you realize that we all suffer from a constitutional-deficiency disease, you may decide to look into the good doctor Ron Paul. Do you really want Barackotherapy? Empowering the nation and everyone in it to heal, only on the united States of health talk radio. (Show topics subject to change based on breaking news and the whims of the host.)

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1) Autism Link Acknowledged, 2) More Organic Racing and 3) Cancer Antioxidants on Talk Radio Network from 1 PM to 4 PM EDT, Sunday, June 1, 2008.

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Arananthi said...

It's always tragic when the government screws over the people. The fact that "big pharma" and the CDC are in bed together is disgusting. Separation of church and state? How about separation of BUSINESS and state!

BTW, anyone interested can find a link to The Simpsonwood Transcripts, a damning document that proves the CDC was conspiring more than 5 years ago to keep the autism-vaccine link under wraps, at the 'autism and vaccines' Squidoo lens.

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