Thursday, May 15, 2008

Chinese Heparin Bleeds America Like the Fed; Where is Ron Paul?

Headline: FDA Withholds List of Chinese Heparin Suppliers From Probe "Members of Congress also are concerned that Chinese heparin manufacturers and their raw-material suppliers didn't fully cooperate with an FDA inspection team in February..."

I actually understand the FDA's position here. I don't support it, but I understand it. Someone at the federal level evidently is aware of just how much sway China holds over the U.S. Economy. How many hundreds of billions of paper dollars are they holding again? Yikes.

It's the Year of the Rat, so the FDA doesn't want to piss off Big China, especially when it comes to the rat poison (heparin) they import to us. We bleed easier or else China dumps all the paper dollars currently held behind their Great Wall.

What would happen if they flooded the world with billions of Federal Reserve Note Dollar holdings? Wipe out. If that should happen, I think that even Wal-Mart would have trouble keeping prices low enough for the average American to afford bathroom tissue. Come to think of it, the typical square of toilet paper might then trade on par with Bernanke's helicopter paper drop.

Many would argue that it is not in the self interests of China to destroy such a huge market for its goods (US). While I might agree, it may not be up to China, as the private Federal Reserve is destroying the dollar with very little help from the Far East at all (see reference to Bernanke's helicopter drop). However, if the dollar tanks to the point where it is in the best interests for China to take a proverbial paper dump, then look out.

The "answer" to this pending catastrophe is not the Amero or the Euro -- it is the reintroduction of Constitutional coin authorized by our founding documents. At the very least, we could then let the free market decide which currency is most reliable. Wouldn't you like a choice?

Who would propose such a radical plan? The primary author of the Free Competition in Currency Act is none other than Ron Paul. It doesn't ban the Fed (even if they are worthy of such a ban), but it simply allows for competition to the current "legal-tender." It sounds more than reasonable to me, so what's the problem?

Apparently, many self-proclaimed managed trade "free" marketeers are actually AFRAID of a little competition. Do I jest in suggesting that "capitalists" are afraid of competition? Unfortunately, I'm not joking, just don't call them capitalists -- they are money monopolists.

Somehow I feel that the Fed likes its monopoly just fine. The question is, why do Democrats and Republicans? Why do you? Is it the cheap heparin from China?

It's time to end our dependence on foreign heparin. Need thinner blood? Try this instead.

If we actually followed Ron Paul's lead, not only would dependence on foreign Warfarin diminish, but Americans would also be free to know that dietary supplements can do what drugs can do, but better and with no side effects. What other congressman has the courage to sponsor HR 2117 - The Health Freedom Protection Act?

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