Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Miracle Healings? Healthy Regenerative Events Happen Despite the FDA

Headline: 'Pixie Dust' From Pig's Bladder Regrows Man's Finger "The 'pixie dust' is actually extra-cellular matrix, bursting with collagen and is made from a dried pig’s bladder..." What is so surprising about healthy regenerative processes stimulated by natural substances? Why is it not normal to expect that healing should occur when using that which nature provides?

I would pay homage to Dr. Robert Becker and his seminal book The Body Electric as a great guidepost for what we should expect when we apply the laws of Creation. What are we waiting for, permission from the FDA?

Collagen is great, but Dr. Becker proved that if you drive silver cations (Ag+) to the point of foci (the area of inflammation, infection or injury), powerful and rapid regenerative events would occur even when previously thought impossible. Even better, positive silver ions can typically accelerate normal healing processes by a factor of three.

Read more about the properties of Argentum metallicum, particularly as it relates to Uniform Picoscalar Oligodynamic Silver Hydrosol, at The Immunogenic Research Foundation. And if you want connective tissue and neurological tissue filled with integrity, don't forget the silicon. If anyone is curious as to whether MS is reversible by natural means as well, just Google and read the story of "Nancy Delise."

If you wait for permission from government to heal naturally, you wait for that which is not required.

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