Sunday, May 4, 2008

Neoconservative Chaos Over the Ron Paul Revolution

Headline: Chaos over Paul cuts short gathering "After a super-majority of Ron Paul supporters captured control of the Republican state convention Saturday, state party officials abruptly canceled the event..." What is the Republican Party's definition of chaos? Perhaps a candidate which supports constitutionally limited government getting more delegates than one who supports Big Government.

Segments of the party of "smaller" government are now in a panic because an "old" Republican is pointing out the constitutional deficiency disease plaguing the neo-conservative dilweeds currently in charge of the asylum. Don't worry, Democrats do not behave much better as their party leaders confuse our constitution with the Communist Manifesto, rather than a document designed to restrict government from trampling upon the freedom of the people.

In my opinion, they would all do much better if they read and understood The Revolution: A Manifesto by Dr. Ron Paul -- preferably before this nation is irreparably harmed by those who believe that government is the best solution for anything that ails us.

The Republican Party leadership is acting like a bunch of crybabies over the Ron Paul phenomenon. Normally, a party with declining membership and participation would embrace a new influx of enthusiasm and energy, especially one so diverse and vocal. That it does not is clearly an indication that the GOP has lost its way.

"[Ron Paul's] contingent came to the state convention prepared for battle. They had a row of printers to print ballots for their supporters to the national convention. They set up a communications network using text messages to cell phones to make sure everyone voted correctly on motions that would benefit their effort. And they scoured the rules for opportunities to level the playing field."

This sounds to me like a group of people on a mission. If you do not like the rules stacked against you, find the loophole and change the rules. Have you read about The Four Hour Workweek yet? Ron Paul Republicans are showing perseverance and creativity, something lacking among the neoconservative wing of the Republican Party.

It may be true that sometimes a generation has to die out before a full shift in consciousness can take place. The old guard is a bit frustrated that the Ron Paul Republicans don't seem to waiting for neoconservative demise. Freedom shall wait for no man. It must be realized.

What's the "manifesto" for this newer political generation?

Got Ron Paul?

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