Monday, June 9, 2008

Raw Milk and the Government Food Police Gone Lowfat, Sour & Pasteurized

Headline: “Low-Fat” Milk Makes You Fat – Full Fat Raw Milk Doesn’t "Drinking raw milk produced by grass-fed cows from clean, well-run farms, however, is far LESS dangerous than drinking pasteurized milk."

PR agencies on Madison Avenue get fat off of making us believe things that are not actually true. "Big Milk" has used Taxpayer money to propagandize us all about the wondrous miracles of highly-pasteurized, low fat, recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone-containing cow's milk. Where have all the free-grazing raw organic cows gone?

Well, we can be comforted in the knowledge that some states will lock you up for selling such a product. It's as if purveyor's of raw, unpasteurized milk have been designated enemy combatants by the Department of Agriculture. Who knew that the AG Dept would one day fall under the Department of Homeland Insecurity? At the dawn of these united States of America, did the Founding Father's ever consider that the government they created would one day criminalize moo-cow excretions?

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal and shall not be permitted to sell milk without first destroying its nutritional goodness."

The fact that millions of Americans see nothing wrong with having "federal food police" is all the evidence of an American national nutritional deficiency you'll ever need. You want the troops out of Iraq? How about getting them out of our farms and kitchens? It is a fallacy to think that a bureaucratic oligarchy in Washington, D.C., much less your state capital, could ever regulate safely and effectively what you put into your body better than you could. A healthy people in a vibrant constitutional republic would never tolerate such lawlessness and abuse of power from its servant government.

Maybe we no longer have a republic. If you can't buy, sell or drink raw milk, then how free are you really? I bet the Iraqis are free to drink raw milk. Are they allowed to drink raw goat milk in Afghanistan? Maybe we should be more worried about freedom on our own soil first instead of "making the world safe for democracy" abroad.

Democracy, as a system of government, is not so great when the majority can vote away the rights of the minority, so why should Americans be in favor of it? This is especially puzzling considering that the Declaration of Independence and Constitution never established a democracy to begin with. It is an abject absurdity to fight to establish a form of government abhorred by our Founders. War? I might argue for a war against pasteurized factory farm milk, except that maybe we'd end up with more of it.

The Law of Reversed Effort usually results in more of that which you fight the hardest to suppress. War on Drugs. War on Cancer. War on Poverty. War on AIDS. Is it really necessary to declare war on everything that we do not like? What would Sun Tzu say? If you don't want to drink raw milk, whoop-de-frickin-do. The Mennonites aren't forcing it upon you against your will. So why would you support the government forcing or limiting them to drink only that which has been pasteurized? Should you be allowed into commerce with raw milk?

Is it now the role of the U.S. government to be the enforcer of nutritional ignorance? When did we change the Constitution to allow that? Got freedom?

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