Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Wet Blanket for Al Gore's U.N. Global Warmth Tax Scam

Headline: $45 trillion needed to combat warming "A U.N.-network of scientists concluded last year that emissions have to be cut by at least half by 2050 to avoid an increase in world temperatures of between 3.6 and 4.2 degrees above pre-18th century levels."

The fact that the scientists are sanctioned by the United Nations should tell you all that you need to know about their credibility. It's like mercury tooth fillings getting the American Dental Association's seal of approval -- you know that mercury must be safe because the ADA says so. The U.N. may be the only organization more corrupt than the FDA, the federal bureaucracy that brought us the safety of VIOXX and efficacy of Vytorin.

Warmer weather means a planetary bureaucracy? The UN and its one-world-odor worshippers salivate for global government and think that the "environment" is their key to achieving it. Nothing could be further from a solution. Only if government gets out of the way, can human imagination and innovation quickly solve the "energy crisis" and its waste products. Instead we have regulation (read: protection) for corporate polluters and prohibition against innovations not approved by (world?) government.

Al Gore believes that only if we put a global tax and global bureaucracy in place can we combat something that may not even exist. Is he the reincarnation of Don Quixote? I'll give him points for imagination, except that the Gore/Quixotic solution would result in global enslavement to a corporate ruling class with special dispensation to leave large carbon footprints wherever they travel. The great unwashed would be forced to live in squalor so that the ruling class could trade carbon credits as if they were Pokémon Cards.

Sure, the U.N. knows better than you and me as to how to live our lives,...and the horse they want us to ride in on. UNconstitutional government has become the protector of the corporate polluter and the abuser of the little-guy who gets hammered by the protection racket foisted upon him by a formerly-servant government. Big "G" takes your money at the point of a gun to subsidize multinational corporations with no allegiance to any nation or state. Then it regulates your freedom right into the history books in the name of protecting the planet.

All the while they plunder your liberty in the name of protecting you from yourself. What is the biggest polluter on planet earth? Government. Can government get any bigger? Got U.N.? It'll only cost 45 trillion.

"A trillion here and a trillion there and pretty soon we're talkin' serious money."

Aren't you glad you get to choose between global warming aficionados Barack and John-boy? At least Bob Barr hasn't fallen for man-made global warming-induced world government. Is Ron Paul still running?

Why yes, it looks like he's throwing a party in Minneapolis while the neo-Republicans trade McCain's carbon credits for fossilized voters. Watch it here:

Will McCain and Obama move us toward a global tax in order to raise the 45 trillion dollars UN scientists claim it will take to cool us off? Vote for anyone else or none-of-the-above unless you want to see the planetary return of taxation without representation in order to reduce Al Gore's heat indices. Only 45 trillion and we can throw our air conditioners into Boston Harbor. Actually, it would be a lot cheaper if Tipper would just turn the fan on once in a while for Albert.

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