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What the Mainstream Media Missed About the Oncological Death of Tony Snow

Headline: Tony Snow, Former White House Press Secretary and FOX News Anchor, Dies at 53 "Snow had his colon removed and underwent six months of 2005. In 2007 he announced his cancer had recurred and spread to his liver, and he had a malignant growth removed from his abdominal area."

This is another unfortunate casualty of the war on cancer. I do not necessarily believe that having more money or good "insurance" necessarily results in the best treatment -- especially as it relates to cancer. No amount of slashing, burning and poisoning can change the fact that the field of oncology is operating under the wrong assumption when it shoots to kill. Cancer cells are not the result of some evil plot to destroy the cells of the body.

When the soil is so devoid of key nutrients and rife with toxic poisons it cannot sustain healthy plant life. How is it that we expect to sustain a healthy cellular environment when we starve the body of vital trace elements and instead rely upon synthetic poisons for our sustenance? Ignorance? Naiveté? Or perhaps we have been purposefully indoctrinated into the belief that cancer is a random act?

In any case, we do a great disservice to the coming generations if we perpetuate the myth that we are all potential "victims" of diseases such as cancer. If the universe operated by chance it would have flown apart long ago. Cause and effect are very real and exacting in the worlds of creation. If you suffer from a disease of deficiency, does it make good sense to do medical treatments that actually worsen the deficiency? If you suffer from a disease of toxicity, does it seem all that intelligent to add to the toxic burden of the body as a standard course of treatment? If your body is rife with inflammation, who would subject your tissues to compounds that actually exacerbate that already overwhelming inflammatory cascade?

Doctors actually go to school to get their degrees in such absurdity. Government even licenses medical professions to do exactly that which seems so absurd from my previous paragraph. I would suppose that only government could be so stupid, but then we have to acknowledge the industry that bought such monopolistic and deadly favor in the first place. In 2008, would humans still sell out other humans for profit and power? Of course. The evidence is the cancer industry and the government's war on alternative, natural and unconventional cancer therapies. Ultimately it is a war against freedom.

Cancer is not the cause of anyone's death. It is the result of a long term, major imbalance in normal metabolic functions. In the case of children, the "long term" decline is cross-generational as each succeeding generation seemingly succumbs at a younger age. The allopathic paradigm is a classic mental disorder that views all life in terms of war. The followers of the Caduceus symbol believe that you are only healthy as long as you can keep some "enemy" at bay. Never mind that life is strongest when all of creation knows its place and works together for optimal health. Are you healthier when your cells do battle with each other or when they work together towards some sort of homeostasis?

"The caduceus is associated with Hermes (Mercury), the messenger of the gods, also known as the god of trickery, wealth and death! Whoops."

Tony Snow just happens to be one of the more famous victims of the medical industrial complex. It matters not how learned you are, being duped by allopathic sleight of hand is very common. For some reason, it's O.K. to be intelligent in most endeavors, but when it comes to the care of our bodies, intelligence is intimidated away at the sight of a white lab coat, stethoscope and a license from government. I have referenced the "00" status before, but there is no other profession that actually has a license to kill (other than the military).

Where were the doctors counseling Tony Snow regarding a raw, organic whole food diet? Where was the emphasis on detoxification? Which medical professional forgot to tell Tony that Selenium is a critical nutrient in the restoration of his body's healthy integrity? I realize that we all have the freedom to choose our own path in life, but it is a bit troubling that so many people are picking a medical path based upon fear induction due to censored or mis-information. When you are duped buying an automobile, you might get a lemon. If it happens when trying to decide medical or non-medical treatment, you might lose your life.

This, of course, is the argument used to limit your choice to any cancer therapy you want, as long as its delivered by licensed oncologists. After all, if you choose wrong you may die. It's a bit disingenuous when those same arguers are silent when the choice made is medical and the patient dies anyway -- as if that patient is any less dead. Why do we not hear of all the success stories from those who healed from cancer using natural means? Where are the feel-good stories of natural cancer cures? There are plenty of them, however, if they get too much media daylight, "Cancer, Incorporated" will not look so good by comparison.

The death of Tony Snow is another among the many thousands of allopathic intervention failures that occur every year. His doctors will be lauded for their heroic efforts in trying to save his life. Just imagine if "natural" doctors had attempted the same thing by utilizing "complementary" therapies with the same results. Rather than lauded as heroes, they would likely be indicted for murder. Double standard? That's medical tyranny infringing on the right of every American to freely choose which health care method or substance that he believes is best.

If you think government can do it better, you're an obtuse non-observer of history who probably still believes that cancer is evidence of a chemotherapy deficiency. O.K., that's harsh, but that's the way I feel. Rush is right. Dr. Benjamin Rush, that is:

"Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship to restrict the art of healing to one class of men and deny equal privileges to others; the Constitution of the Republic should make a special privilege for medical freedoms as well as religious freedom."

My heart goes out to the family of Tony Stone, but I know that the mainstream media will ignore the important lesson imparted by his passing. If you believe in liberty, you must support ending the cancer treatment monopoly on our shores. It is embarrassing for the people of a "free" country to have to leave it just because their government does not endorse the alternative methods they may wish to utilize.

Why did our forefathers leave England and ultimately form a new nation? It certainly wasn't because they wanted a government to limit their access, knowledge and practice of natural healing therapies. Anything in the Declaration about that? Constitutional republic or cancer tyranny -- which do you want for your kids? Should your child create cancer later in life, wouldn't you want him or her to have the freedom to choose any method for recovery, even (or especially) if it's natural?

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It's a shame that, despite numerous studies, regarding Vitamin D's chemoprotective ability in colon cancer, Tony Snow probably never heard about it from his doctors.

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