Thursday, August 7, 2008

Little Girls Gone With the Gardasil

Headline: HPV Vaccine Blamed for Teen's Paralysis "10 deaths have been linked to Gardasil since September 2007, and there have been 140 reports so far this year of serious side effects such as miscarriage and Guillain-Barré syndrome." What kind of outcome do we expect for the little girls who have become Merck-speriments? HPV's link to cervical cancer is more indicative of the general health of the woman that "gets" it -- than the ability of the human papilloma virus to cause cancer.

Those who worship Louis Pasteur and the Germ Theory (even if they do not know they are doing it), cannot conceive how merely "being healthy" could prevent cervical cancer. However, when Big Pharma can convince us of a vaccine's necessity (even when it isn't), then the corporate welfare recipients get to put a lot of their executives into higher tax brackets. Actually, once they reach that level, I'm sure that they are instructed how to take their earnings off-shore. Julie, Julie, quite contrary, how does your Gardasil grow? By harming little girls and their pigtails, evidently. Do you know how many vaccines would have to be administered in order to provide a statistically significant benefit? Millions.

" would have to vaccinate one million girls to prevent cervical cancer in 4 to 5 girls."

In the mean time, over the course of the short duration that Gardasil has been on the market, far more little girls have been seriously harmed than would be saved theoretically. I say "theoretically" because it will not be apparent to most that the vaccine does not prevent cervical cancer for another 15-20 years. In the meantime, that could be millions and millions of shots at $360 per series. How many Serious Adverse Advents will it cost to achieve so little? I suppose it pays to have the Feds in your pocket.

Occasionally the FDA will use a cost/benefit analysis to determine whether to approve a new vaccine. However, whether a c/b analysis was conducted or not, even if HPV caused cancer, the FDA is out of its collectivist mind for allowing little girls to get Mercked once again.

"...vaccinating ONE MILLION girls would prevent 1 to 2 DEATHS per year, at the bargain-basement price of $360 million per year..."

Is that what passes for "legitimate" benefit? The lives saved do not even rise to the level of statistical significance based on the massive number of shots necessary to achieve them. This is especially true when you consider that the adverse events being reported far outweigh the miniscule "theoretical" benefit.

Chalk this one up to another FDA failure as well as a grotesque error in judgment by moms and dads for placing their trust in Merck's parenting skills over their own, much less immunological reality. Where has the American suspicion of Big Government, Big Media and Big PHARMA gone when it comes to the children? Any comments from the village, Hillary?

Please, no more little girls gone with the Gardasil. Please.

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