Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Measles Vaccine Pushers Say Jump; Will you say "How High?"

Headline: Jump in US measles cases linked to vaccine fears "...with nearly half of those involving children whose parents rejected vaccination, health officials reported Thursday."

Nearly half? That means that the majority of those affected were already VACCINATED for measles. The reason that they want everyone pricked is so you don't know just how inadequate their shots are at genuinely "preventing" disease.

Just because you can suppress the "expression" of disease does not mean you are better off or healthier. The opposite is actually true. Disease symptoms are evidence that the body is working to overcome a challenge to normal metabolic function. If this process is encouraged and allowed to proceed as designed (by a higher authority than the FDA and CDC), children actually stay stronger and healthier as they grow into adulthood. Our pharmaceutically-conflicted bureaucratic oligarchy says that blue is pink and that acute disease must be avoided at all costs. This is true of the medical trade associations supported by drug and vaccine money as well.

The real tragedy is that the costs of this immunological arrogance are yours to bear as your children are forced into a life of medical servitude and allopathic drug addiction via the "vaccinate everything that moves" cult. It's expensive to deal with the lifelong costs of the pediatric disease-creation machinery fueled by an irrational reliance on experimental shots instead of nutrition, for good health.

"Worried doctors are troubled by the trend fueled by unfounded fears that vaccines may cause autism."

Unfounded? The government, earlier this year, was forced to finally acknowledge a link between vaccination and autism. Only highly paid PR propagandists could deny reality with such a crooked straight face. Whiteouts by snow job? We have abominable snowmen living amongst us erasing history as it happens. Government and pharmaceutical PR is more like Black Magic with each succeeding school year.

"None of the 131 patients died, but 15 were hospitalized."

No deaths? I thought the reason that vaccination was so critical is because everyone that gets Measles will die! Apparently they exaggerated a little bit. 15 were hospitalized? How did they ever contain a measles outbreak from occurring in a hospital setting rife with immuno-suppressed patients. I smell another pharmaceutical propaganda rat in the ventilation system.

"The Academy of Pediatrics has made educating parents about the safety of vaccines one of its top priorities this year."

Funded by vaccine manufacturers, the education focus is to attack parents who question vaccinations based on concerns over safety or links to autism. They use words like "unfounded" or "myths" to plant the seed that any parent who does not fall in line (with their child) is unscientific, irresponsible, irrational or even hysterical. Again, the truth is quite the opposite. The irresponsible parents are those that turn their children over to the state which has been purchased by the interests of Big PHARMA. It is ABSOLUTELY responsible to question medical despots willing to sacrifice your child at the altar of vaccination, especially since it comes without studies proving short and long term safety (much less efficacy). The annual push to get children shot up before school starts is an elaborate construct built on fear, ignorance and peer pressure.

"Come on, everyone's doing it, why do you have to spoil it for all of us?"

In other words, just shut up, don't ask questions and roll up your child's sleeve. What happens if your baby is injured or killed by vaccination? Is it worth the price just to "get along"?

"They came for the gypsies and I said nothing because I wasn't a gypsy..."

Who will defend your child if you will not? Merck? It turns out that in addition to serious injury and death, Gardasil is being blamed for even more unintended consequences in the name of protecting little girls from cancer (that might never come) 20-30 years in the future.

"Besides genital warts, some patients experienced massive outbreaks on the face, hands, or feet, sometimes caused by strains not included in the vaccine."

This kind of collateral damage is courtesy of monopoly economics, not science. More and more parents are rightfully asking tough questions about the necessity of vaccines. Though there is fear and trepidation among many, there is a great degree of certainty as it relates to undue economic influences on vaccination policy.

For one, you can be certain that Barack Obama will not protect your kids from government encroachment into the sanctity of your family. That goes double for John McCain. Why do I go political? It is precisely politics and politicians that have facilitated this medical assault on our children.

Are you prepared to protect your children from the immunological insanity that is inherent in government vaccination mandates "bought" about by drug money yet?


Sweet said...
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Robert Scott Bell said...


Is this your idea of rational discourse or are you attempting to make obvious my point about defenders of the "vaccination without question" cult?

Ad hominem attacks do you no favors if your attempt is to defend the patently unscientific political/economic vaccine schedule for U.S. children.

Do you work at Merck or just hold their stock? Why so upset? The parents who question vaccine safety are actually exercising due diligence in the protection of their children.

You got a problem with that?

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