Thursday, October 23, 2008

Socialized Medicine? Hospital Administrators Opt for Fast-Pass

There's controversy brewing in jolly-ole England where a hospital within the national health care system has opted for private medical care for its staff. Why? Because the waiting times were too long. Is this what Obama and McCain have on tap for our future here in America? Disney World lines without the ride?

"An NHS trust has spent more than £12,000 on private treatment for hospital staff because its own waiting times are too long."

That's right, the hospital administration decided thatit was worth more to pay the "big" bucks for their medical staff to be cared forby private doctors, than to let productivity slip waiting for the "free" care of the nanny state. British citizens are outraged!

"...the private treatment, which amounted to £12,116 for 271 appointments over the past year, was described by critics as "shocking".
I can almost hear the whiny Brits now: "How dare they pay their own way and get immediate attention while we have to wait in line with all the other common folk!" Dare I call them welfare recipients? Do they want healthcare equality (where everything is equally bad) or justice (where everyone gets what they pay for)?

Mark Wallace of the TaxPayers' Alliance said: "Their staff should have to wait like everybody else."
Of course, it's socialism, where the proletariat must all suffer the same fate or it's not "fair." Hmmm. Do you really want fair? I'll hazard a guess that you'd rather see an "excellent" doctor than a "fair" one? "But that's not fair."

Who's to blame for this mess? It must all be the fault of the free market, right? "
We tried that and it didn't work."

That's what millions of Americans believe, demanding their RIGHT to wait in line just like our former country-mates in the United Kingdom. What they don't realize is that we have not had a free market for healthcare in many decades.

When's the last time you could freely choose between a homeopath, herbalist, Reiki Master, nutritionist, D.C. or M.D. to "cure" your disease? Nope, we've had to deal with Monopoly Medicine as long as most Americans have been alive. Can you just imagine what would happen to prices (and waiting times) if all healing modalities and healers were free to compete for your health care dollar?

Unfortunately, Americans have chosen "Big Pharma or bust." Well, it looks like a bust to me. Meanwhile, back in Britain:

"Perhaps if they experienced it as their customers - that is the taxpayer - experienced it, they might be a little keener to improve their waiting times."

Oh yeah, government employees are real keen on improving customer service. In the face of public outrage in Britain, you would think that an NHS hospital would quickly retreat to nationalized care for their physicians. Rather than backtrack to the Nationalized System for the care of their hospital doctors, experience with socialism has apparently taught them that 'private' is better.

Jan Bloomfield, executive director of workforce and communications at the hospital, said:

"We are currently looking at whether it would be cost-effective to extend the service to offer different types of rehabilitation to staff."
The Democrats have already drunk the Communist Kool-Aid on this one, but even our corporatism-loving Republicans haven't a clue what ails health care in America. Much like their support of the 850 billion dollar bailout and subsequent descent into socialism, Americans have lost faith that freedom works.

So as America embraces Obama, McCain and socialism, the Old World from which we declared our independence may be discovering value in the very freedom we came to the New World to find. Maybe it's time for another Declaration of Independence, this time from Republicans and Democrats. Perhaps then we can return to our roots in health freedom and liberty.

How about the next time a presidential candidate promises you "free" healthcare, remind him that all you need is the freedom to choose the health care that you believe in, where the care is bountiful - free from government restraint - and the lines are non-existent.

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