Saturday, October 11, 2008

Vacuous Flu Vaccines, Nobel Dodos & Drugless Approaches to HRT on Radio

Radio broadcast on Sunday, October 12, 2008 from 1 PM to 3 PM EDT: Will the Federal Reserve and fiat money go the way of the Dodo bird? How about flu shots? Despite overwhelming scientific evidence showing the shots do not reduce mortality in key risk groups old and young, states are now beginning to mandate another childhood jab before school entry. Where are the moms and dads standing up to protect their children from an out-of-control state medical monopoly? And who will defend the children from debt being injected into them by Bernanke, Paulsen and their worshipful followers in Congress and the White House? Despite overwhelming historical evidence, a debased currency is a terminal disease. Most Democrats and Republicans remain in denial, insisting that more debt and inflation (the same thing that caused this mess) is the only thing that can save us. Did somebody double-down on the mercury in congressional flu shots? Let's go to Ron Paul for an injection of truth:

The Robert Scott Bell Show cherishes the principles that strengthen our understanding and practical application of freedom and healing. Where other talk shows leave off, the Robert Scott Bell Show is just getting started. Listen to the voice of health freedom and liberty for perspective this week Sunday, October 12, 2008 from 1 PM to 3 PM EDT. Just turn on your radio or internet stream at the appropriate time.

Hour One: Vacuous Flu Vaccinations & Nobel Dodos -- Will your state be the next to mandate flu shots for children before they are allowed to enter school? New Jersey already has. Don't let your children become pin cushions for the state. It isn't only government that is clueless when it comes to the immune system, the Nobel Prize committee is as well. Why would they award a prize to Luc Montagnier for discovering a retrovirus never caught in the act of doing harm to anyone or anything? Yes, that's right, Karolinska throws a "Hail Mary" pass in order to salvage the HIV causation hypothesis of AIDS. Just to be sure, they attempted to do the same thing for HPV and cervical cancer. Also, could the experimental Avian Flu vaccine be used as a bio-terror weapon? Thanks for tuning in where there's more healing in two hours than most shows have in a whole year! Your calls at 1-800-449-8255. (Show topics subject to change based on breaking news and the whims of the host.)

Hour Two: Drugless approach to HRT -- Why do so many suffer from endocrine imbalances? Is it just a "normal" part of aging to suffer menopause as if it is a disease? Whatever happened to a natural life progression from the childbearing years to the years of wisdom? Menopause is not supposed to be evidence of synthetic hormone deficiencies. Thankfully, Dr. Bob DeMaria returns to discuss safe, natural options to hormone replacement therapy. What about the younger years? Even kids are being assaulted by endocrine disruptors from petrochemicals to allergy medicine. Is there any help (not synthetic) for women looking to have children? Answers for infertility as well, coming your way. Empowering the nation and everyone in it to heal, only on the united States of health talk radio. Your calls at 1-800-449-8255. (Show topics subject to change based on breaking news and the whims of the host.)

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1) Vacuous Flu Vaccines, Nobel Dodos and 2) Drugless Approaches to HRT on Talk Radio Network from 1 PM to 3 PM EDT, Sunday, October 12, 2008.

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