Sunday, November 9, 2008

White-washing Crestor Statin Drugs; Safer Links for Cardiovascular Concerns

Headline: Study: Wider cholesterol drug use may save lives "This takes prevention to a whole new level, because it applies to patients who we now wouldn't have any evidence to treat," said Dr. W. Douglas Weaver, a Detroit cardiologist and president of the American College of Cardiology. If I did not laugh I would cry. The cholesterol mythology matters not, they just want to make Crestor an essential nutrient. On what basis do they do this?

"People with low cholesterol and no big risk for heart disease dramatically lowered their chances of dying or having a heart attack if they took the cholesterol pill Crestor, a large study found."

OK, let's set aside for a moment the fact that cholesterol does not cause heart disease and figure out just what the "PILL" they are trying to claim here.

  • No risk for heart attack? Check.
  • Low cholesterol? Check.
So they took Crestor and still didn't die nor have a heart attack, which they were not likely to get anyway. Did the FDA approve Crestor as a new placebo against diseases that you are not likely to develop?
  • Did they ignore that statins are liver toxic? Check.
  • Did they ignore that statin drugs deplete cellular Co-Q10? Check.
  • Did they ignore that cholesterol is a vital part of the brain and nervous system? Check.
  • Did they ignore that cholesterol is a vital precursor for proper hormone production? Check.
Who, exactly, is the FDA protecting again?

"...half of all heart attacks occur in people with normal or low cholesterol, so doctors have been testing other ways to predict who is at risk."

What does this say about the high-cholesterol causation-hypothesis of heart disease? If fully half of all heart attack victims do not have elevated cholesterol levels, why do doctors want to lower those levels in EVERYBODY? This is about selling drugs, not health nor genuine prevention.

"The study was supposed to last five years but was stopped in March, after about two years, when independent monitors saw that those taking Crestor were faring better than the others."

Hmmm. It is convenient that they stopped the study prior to a preponderance of negative side-effects associated with prolonged reliance on statin drugs. I wrote earlier about the "forgetfulness" of those who are stalwart defenders of "statins as panacea." One of the most significant consequences of global stain use will be collective amnesia in the form of an Alzheimer's epidemic this world has never seen.

By irresponsibly reducing cholesterol in millions of people worldwide, they are robbing an essential "fat" from the brain and nervous system that is critical for cellular communication. Welcome to, what planet is this?

The reason that anyone can claim an improvement in health from the use of Crestor (or any in the statin category) is because of its anti-inflammatory effect. However, this benefit is short-lived as its negative impact on the body is soon revealed via liver/kidney toxicity and rhabdomyolysis (muscle wasting). The Alzheimer's? Forget about it, they already have.

Safe, natural options? Well, they're not "FDA-approved," but for your consideration, you might give these supplements a go: Cod liver oil, GTF Chromium, Selenium, Magnesium, Hawthorn Berry, homeopathic Crataegus, Can-Gest, Silica, Probiotics12+ and Folate B6 & B12 (if you are concerned about homocystine levels)...

Why would you rely upon a synthetic substance approved by the bureaucratic oligarchy for anything related to your health? I wouldn't even brush my teeth with Crestor. I wonder, though, will Keith Olberman declare it safe as long as "government" pays for it? Or will he claim that Barack Obama can turn statin-laced tap water into statin-laced whine?

Nancy Reagan, where are you? Just say Crestor.

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