Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year! Enjoy These Health Freedom Podcasts From the Shortest Day of the Year

In case you missed the live broadcast on December 21, 2008, here is your link to download the podcasts. It was the shortest day of the year, so you are excused if you happened to miss it...

Organic Food Cooperatives Declared Enemy of the State? - 12/21/2008 - Hour 1

Organic Food Cooperatives Declared Enemy of the State? -- Can you sell (much less give away) organic food without a license? Granting government a monopoly over the food supply is a dangerous thing if you care about nutrition. Licensure laws have done more to stifle liberty than just about all else that government does. The government not only authorizes counterfeiting money (see the Federal Reserve Act of 1913), but it also protects Big Agribusiness (counterfeit food) from competition from small organic family farmers. How did caring for your family become a privilege licensed by the state? Are we free men or chattel? The plight of the Stowers in Ohio is the plight of all endangered freedom-loving Americans who remain behind to unplug from nutritional tyranny. The Buckeye Institute is suing Ohio on behalf of the Stowers. Get your organic food quick, before everyone needs a license! While you are at it, get your GTF Chromium before it is banned as a new diabetes drug! Chris Barr drops by with an update.

Are You Prepared for Infection? - 12/21/2008 - Hour 2

Are You Prepared for Infection? -- Have I got an antibiotic story to tell you! Ever heard of cellulitis? I know it all too well and my story may save you from dangerous infections. What do you do if your doctor prescribes an antibiotic? For the first time ever, I will tell you what you can do WHILE you are on the drug to protect your health before it is too late. Please welcome Dr. Steve Hines back to the program to discuss how to protect yourself from doctors and the drugs that they prescribe. What do you do when there is nowhere to turn but allopathic medicine and allopathic medicine is not there? As the government prepares to nationalize industry after industry, how much longer will it be until "health" care is rationed? Will it be illegal to seek care outside of those licensed by government to dispense? Is it already? Prepare now by listening to this health-empowering podcast.

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Happy New Year from the Robert Scott Bell Show!

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