Thursday, December 11, 2008

HIV Gone in a Decade? Just Ban "HIV" Tests Today and It's Gone Tomorrow

Headline: 'HIV could be gone in a decade' "In their model, people were voluntarily tested each year and immediately given drugs if they tested positive for HIV, regardless of whether they were sick."

In this equation the people who react positively to non-specific antibody tests will be eradicated by the drugs approved to treat a non-existent disease. Immune deficiency may be real - but lumping 26+ diseases that exist independent of one another to a retrovirus never caught in the act of doing anything - is the ultimate pharmaceutical fantasy.

Testing positive on an HIV test means nothing (as admitted right in the test insert package texts). In the mathematical model linked-to in the above story, a "positive" HIV test would result in a death sentence due to "pharmaco-mafia" mandates that so-called positives ingest "homicidal" HAART drugs.

In the end, what they call HIV, would be eradicated by terminating the lives of people testing positive on the non-specific non-detection tests. Can you say "pharmaceutical genocide?" Pharmaceutical AIDS activists are promoting deadly drugs for people showing NO SYMPTOMS of any disease based solely on sero-positivity to that which they do not even know!

This culture-of-death machine, whose recent incarnation traces its roots back to I.G. Farben in Nazi Germany, has evidently convinced most of planet earth that life can only be salvaged by toxic drugs too poisonous for people with cancer, much less healthy people. If you follow these deranged mathematicians, healthy people have now become the next de facto target for termination by a BIG PHARMACEUTICAL HAART. Personally, I think HAART-less would be a lot more compassionate and life-affirming.

There may be only one logical solution to this toxic quagmire threatening the immune system of people deemed HIV+. The true defense of life means that HIV tests must be outlawed. Recently, Dr. David Rasnick PhD., said as much on The Robert Scott Bell Show, November 30, 2008, as we pre-empted World AIDS "Treatment" Day. Dr. Rasnick was one of the primary developers of Protease-inhibiting drugs that are so popularly prescribed to people testing positive to this non-specific, highly cross-reactive antibody test. Hundreds of top-level scientists worldwide have challenged the HIV-causation hypothesis of AIDS, some since the very beginning of this pharmaceutical research and drug-sales windfall.

This legitimate scientific challenge has been met by a strange silence by the mainstream media. It would be reasonable to think that when the whole foundation of the cause of a "global" disease such as AIDS is revealed to be a fraud, that it would merit at least a mention in a newspaper somewhere. Silence.

When Celia Farber's or Peter Duesberg's voice momentarily rises above the silent din, the media circles the HIV wagons in a desperate attempt to ridicule and marginalize those who would dare threaten AIDS religious dogma. It is much more profitable to maintain the status quo than to acknowledge serious flaws in the "scientific" foundation of modern day "acquired" immune-deficiency disease.

Just as the global fiat-based money system is facing its inevitable bankruptcy, so too are those that cling to unfounded causes of immune deficiency. Despite the billions sent their way over the last 25 years, HIV-dogmatists are "scientifically" bankrupt. They can scream, cry and deny all they want, but it does not change the fact that the entire basis for chasing a phantom retrovirus as the cause of AIDS is without merit.

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