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"The Holistic Way, Heal Yourself" -- You Are Invited

If there ever was a time in your life where health should come first, now is the time. The benefits of holistic healing need no advertising, no wealth of money, nor is a degree in science required to understand it. Holistic medicine is the philosophy of medical health care that views overall well-being rather than concentrating on singular parts of our physical bodies. The Worldwide Holistic Healing Seminar 2009, to be held on February 20, 21 and 22 in Chiangmai, Thailand is the place to learn about and extend your knowledge of holistic medicine. Whether you are a health professional, or undergoing treatment for chronic illness or simply want to maintain your current vitality and fitness level, holistic healing can and will improve the quality of your own life as well as impart knowledge and experience that can be passed on to your children, friends and relatives.

Worldwide Holistic Healing Seminar in Chiang Mai 20-22 Feb. 2009

Located in the calm serenity of the lush northern mountains of Thailand, Chiang Mai is famed for its natural beauty, cultural history and warm sense of hospitality. Known as “the rose of the North”, this city delicately combines thousands of years of history with a new modern infrastructure, making it not only a perfect choice for tourism, but also one which will rightly accommodate the Worldwide Holistic Healing Seminar to be held at the Empress Convention Center.

Ayurveda and Holistic Sciences

Ayurveda, taken from the ancient Sanskrit language, literally means the science of life and is now recognized as an alternative form of medicine in the western world. It includes herbal, massage, and yoga therapies among others. Holistic implies balance in all areas of our lives. Having a well-planned approach to your daily life fosters a sense of self-discipline, giving you the ability to make the best choices, bringing true balance to your life. These forms of complementary medicines and methods can be used to help establish a healthy and harmonious lifestyle. The primary emphasis in Ayurveda and holistic sciences is prevention, but of course a cure is possible. Learning from experts in the field will help you reach your goals of longevity, health and happiness.

Wide Range of Topics

This seminar will present an outstanding range of topics. Talks by more than forty speakers will include topics such as aromatherapy, Vedic astrology, yoga, meditation, music therapy, brain spotting, meridians, acupuncture, homeopathy, and spiritual exercise. Workshops include anti-aging, the dimensions of wellness, gemology, Emotional Freedom Technique, laughter therapy, managing change and transforming stress into vitality.

WHHS 2009 Objectives

  • To provide information on the principles, theories and practice of holistic, natural, traditional and herbal medicine.
  • To strengthen the relationship between conventional medicine and all forms of holistic medicine.
  • To educate about preventive and self-healing practices for each stage of human life from gestation, birth, childhood, adulthood and maturing years.
  • To present quality herbal products, health food and innovations in natural medicine backed by research and certification.
  • To organize post seminar wellness retreats and health programs.

During These 3 Days You Can:

  • Receive expert guidance in taking care of your health and well being.
  • Learn new skills from workshops, discussions and introductory talks on more than 25 health topics. Try something new!
  • Network with professionals to expand your business opportunities.
  • Discover the latest innovations and research in holistic medicine.
  • Experience the upliftment of consciousness – make new friends and share joy, laughter and fun!
  • Gain more understanding and confidence in the holistic approach to health and healing.

All this for just USD 295/- or BH 9950/- (1 USD = Thai Baht 33.72). This offer is valid until 31st January 2009.

Click here to sign up now.

The Special Seminar Package includes all the above but also TWO NIGHTS and THREE DAYS stay at The Empress Hotel (seminar hotel) plus breakfast and airport pickup/drop off.

All this for just 395 USD (1 USD = Thai Baht 33.72) or Thai Baht 13,300/-. This offer is valid until 31st January 2009. Additional room nights at discounted price directly from The Empress Hotel.

Click here to sign up now.

Heal Two Birds with One Stone in Chiang Mai

Built on the roots of tradition and cultural heritage, Chiang Mai is one of the most beautiful cities in Asia. It is blessed with natural beauty and an abundance of places to visit and marvels to see. It’s famed for orchids, ornate temples and unique handicrafts. If you are coming to Thailand why not heal two birds with one stone and take advantage of this popular tourist destination while enjoying your studies at the Worldwide Holistic Healing Seminar 2009.

The climate at this time of year averages 21 degrees C, the cool season, making it a perfect time to visit Chiang Mai.

The special seminar package includes everything to make your stay a perfect one. You will be picked up at the airport by our courtesy taxi and taken to the elegant Empress Hotel located next to the Empress Convention Center (Seminar Location) in the heart of Chiang Mai. Breakfast and lunch during your stay will be provided, plus one complimentary dinner and herbal tea breaks. This exquisitely designed four star hotel and its gardens will provide the perfect base for relaxing after a full day and for seeing Chiang Mai. At the end of your stay, our courtesy taxi will take you back to the airport for your flight home. If you decide not to take advantage of our Empress Hotel package offer, finding other accommodation is no problem either. In Chiang Mai you can stay at a range of available guest houses and hotels or contact the official seminar travel agency for the WHHS (details below).

Getting There

Getting to Chiang Mai is easy. Take advantage of the regular flights, rail or road services from Bangkok or elsewhere, available at reasonable prices. There are direct international flights into the city from various destinations around the world. Direct flights to Chiang Mai are available from Singapore Airlines, China Airlines, Korean Airlines, and Air Asia.

So why not be part of this holistic healing journey? Join us at the Empress Convention Center, Chiang Mai, Thailand for an unforgettable healing weekend February 20-22, 2009. Click below to sign up for the hotel package offer or the seminar-only package. Limited places available.

Click here to register for WHHS 2009

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