Thursday, January 15, 2009

The War on Your Freedom to Heal from Cancer Continues

Headline: Grape Seed Extract Kills Leukemia Cells in Lab "More than three-quarters of laboratory leukemia cells exposed to an extract from grape seeds died within 24 hours, effectively killing themselves while leaving other cells unharmed..."

What would happen if a manufacturer of grape seed extract published such a study and told the truth about their phenomenal product? The FDA and FTC would swoop down upon them like a rain of fire, insisting that they need an NDA which, in all likelihood, would cost them hundreds of millions of dollars.

This is what you call a free market for medicine in America?

It was not long ago that the cherry growers told the truth about their agricultural product, cherries, that could actually reverse the pain and inflammation of gout. What did it get them? An FDA Warning Letter telling them to cease and desist the marketing of an unapproved new drug. I wonder if that applies to the artificial cherry flavoring in the toxic cough drops and children's antibiotics for which the FDA has given approval?

So Grape Seed Extract promotes apoptosis while bringing no harm to healthy cells? How long until FDA bans it as an unapproved new drug? There is no War on Cancer, only your freedom to heal from it.

The next time you visit a vineyard, be careful not to trip over any FDA agents making sure that there are no signs in the dirt promoting grape seeds as a cure for anything, including the cancer that FDA has become.

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