Thursday, February 12, 2009

Another great use for hemp? Eat it. Podcast link below:

I had a wonderful opportunity to interview Thomas James from on the many benefits of Hemp, especially as a nutritious super-food. From its complete amino acid profile to its high protein and essential fat content, this is the one food that you want to have in a crisis (and as a staple).

Thomas and I discuss ways to get started and how to store Hemp safely to get you through the tough times brought to you courtesy of George Bush, Barack Obama and the socialist stimulus package.

If you happened to notice how well the federal government did after Katrina, perhaps NOW is the time to stock up on quality storable food, BEFORE you need it. Even if the crisis were to pass quickly, Hemp is a great addition to your diet on an everyday basis. This information is only available to my podcast listeners.

Give the bonus podcast a listen here:

Learn more at, or call 908-691-2608.

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