Saturday, March 21, 2009

Prozac broke her heart and stomped that mother flat

Headline: Antidepressant Use Tied to Cardiac Death in Women "Women who use antidepressants appear to be at heightened risk for sudden cardiac death, although the exact nature of the link remains unclear, researchers say." Do SSRI medications take away depression in women only to then break their heart?

Got drugs? In reality, one of the best things that can replace depression is joy. The root of extreme sadness can be found in many things, including nutritional deficiencies. First and foremost, it is important to understand that depression is one extreme swing of the pendulum which often travels back to anger with stops at frustration in between.

It appears to be the human condition, solved not by drugs but by realization and surrender. From a homeopathic perspective, the remedies are relatively simple:

If you find yourself depressed, reach for Sepia instead of Zoloft. If it's anger that has you in its grip, homeopathic Stramonium is much preferred to violent self-destruction. There is even a homeopathic remedy for frustration: Argentum nitricum. If depression is not chronic and merely the result of the loss of a loved one or other special relationship, reach for a dose of Ignatia.

I have found that depression is often the result of not knowing your mission or purpose in life. It is understandably difficult to maintain happiness while lost on a journey to destinations unknown.

I will concede that psychiatric meds can take away the awareness of such pain, but they are not capable of filling the void made vast by Vitamin L deficiency. Vitamin L? Love. Hmmmm. From where does love originate?

When it is thought to be external to yourself, it is easy to be misdirected into pale shadows of that which is truly divine - that which should be bubbling up from within.

Boredom is another path to depression. It has been said that boredom can only occur in the absence of service to self and others. A great route "out" of depression is through the path of service. I do not write of "compulsory" service, which is a form of slavery, but of voluntary service, which is rooted in freedom.

Ladies, antidepressants can break your heart. Consider cod liver oil for the depression and Hawthorn Berry Syrup for the heart.

Another thing that can lead to depression is slavery. For that, freedom is the antidote.

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