Saturday, March 21, 2009

Taxpayers waking up to find themselves and their offspring sold into slavery by Congress and the President

Headline: Taxpayers Strike Back With 'Tea Parties' "Police in Cincinnati say at least 4,000 people showed up Sunday for a grassroots protest of wasteful government spending in general, and President Obama's stimulus package and budget in particular."

What took them so long? It is not as if wasteful spending is a new thing, but Obama and the Democratic congress have turned it into an art form. Vile and ugly art, to be precise, but based upon this behavior, our young 'uns have every right to rise up and slap their elders silly. The Republican congressional "elders" - when they had total control - exhibited similar irresponsibility (Ron Paul excepted).

I am not advocating violence, and thus far, the demonstrations have been peaceful, but will they remain so as millions more wake to the theft of their future by irresponsible politicians? Not long ago there was a time when theft was actually against the law. Which of the Ten Commandments made an exception for government? Unlawful and excessive taxation is not the only theft occurring here. Inflation is also thievery, albeit a little more stealthy.

Is anyone blameless? Who has participated in sending these thieves back to congress over and over again? Why did the original Boston Tea Party happen? Taxation without representation is one thing that comes to mind.

How much were you represented when Congress passed the TARP bill and subsequent bailouts of international bankers? What about your 9 year old son or 3 year old daughter? Did they get a "say" in the mortgaging of their future?

"The events so far have been largely ignored by the mainstream media, but several blogs are tracking them."

"The Taxpayer strikes back."

The MSM does not know what to make of the outrage. Rather than digging for the truth about the Federal Reserve, they dig ditches for the government. I do not believe that the First Amendment was designed for a "mainstream" media to largely become apologists for the state.

The Constitution has been abandoned by those who swore an oath to uphold and defend it. How can anyone defend such indefensible behavior?

Headline: Fed-up Americans mobilize: More than 170 tea parties "Patriots put blazing heat on Washington, rebuke reckless spending"

"Our message is simple: 'Bailing out' reckless businesses and individuals is neither the burden of responsible, hard-working American taxpayers nor the role of government," John M. O'Hara told WND.

"The Congressional Budget Office and countless economists say that the recent 'stimulus' packages will likely hinder, not help, our economy," he said. "Tax cuts, not tax hikes and handouts, are the quickest, most efficient means of getting our economy back on track."

Are you obligated to participate in your own demise? How about your country's?

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