Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Where have left and right gone wrong? By their actions, it is evident that they both believe government is their friend.

Headline: AstraZeneca downplayed Seroquel risks "...documents that were just unsealed in a U.S. federal court case showed AstraZeneca knew about the risk of weight gain and diabetes in 2000."

Do you think that $4.5 billion in sales is enough incentive for a lot of people to ignore the dangerous side effects? Humans have always found ways to convince themselves that the ends justifies the means. While it may make them sleep better at night, their actions have consequences.

Under the guise of helping people with psychiatric diagnoses, it has become "acceptable" that some of those treated will get diabetes. That, in and of itself, is not surprising, as all FDA-approved medications have undesirable side effects. What compounds the problem is that the drug maker, often with the complicity of a corrupt bureaucratic oligarchy, suppresses information vital to enable the end user (or their family) to make a fully informed choice about the risk-benefit ratio. If side effects are glossed over or erased altogether, it is a crime of omission.

What could motivate people to disregard another human being's life? Greed. What is the method by which that greed is allowed to flourish in humans? Collectivism.

When people become dehumanized by numbering and statistics, there is an illusion that settles over what would normally be guilt or remorse for unconscionable actions.

"The ends justify the means?"

If you can be convinced that there is a greater good in the sacrificing of the few, then perhaps you rationalize away the deaths caused (directly or indirectly) by your actions.

Collectivism is the enemy. Individuals will always be sacrificed in a collectivist system, in the name of something that does not even exist. There is no such thing as "group" rights, for instance. There are only individual rights. Unless you are Borg, or course.

What is wrong with Obama's stimulus plan? It is based on and rooted in collectivism. It matters not the individuals who will be harmed by the theft of their present and future. All that matters is some indefinable "greater good." Just like FDA approved drugs that have their side effects hidden or glossed over.

But it is not only that which makes the current economic/drug system evil.

It is the outright suppression of anything that might compete with an FDA-approved drug or drug category. The monopoly granted by government to the drug industry has not only facilitated the proliferation of deadly medicines, but it has also lead to the criminalization of natural healing substances and those who would grow, market and use them. Even if you personally do not utilize the healing substances of nature, how could you support their suppression in violation of the individual rights of your neighbor to use them in the care of his or her health?

Obama's plan to institute nationalized health care would make an already corrupt system even more corrupt. Concerned liberals applaud the government takeover of 17% of the GDP on the grounds that it is compassionate and caring to do so. But that is true only if you believe in the forced "medicalization" of every person in the United States.

The concept of force, in this case, is lost on the left. They may claim to hate it in terms of militarization, but when it comes to forcing other individuals to acquiesce to their version of compassion, force is justified. Can you say "cognitive dissonance?"

The problem compounds with each successive transfer of power from right to left and left to right, because they are both convinced that if only they wielded the power, everything would be correct with the world. The truth is that government is force and that force in violation of anyone's free will is a crime. No one human is capable of controlling such a beast, which is why the founders of these united states of America purposely created a weak central government heavily restricted by the Constitution for the united States.

"Never give your friend any power over you that your enemy may acquire."

Where have left and right gone wrong? By their actions, it is evident that they both believe government is their friend. While government may be a necessary evil on planet earth, it should never be used to violate individual liberty. At the origin of this country, that concept was understood.

What of shared responsibility? This is a concept that can only be defined by contract. Are you party to the contract that now forces you to pay your neighbor's mortgage or drug bill? Have you ever heard anyone in government ask that question (besides Ron Paul)? How about in the mainstream media?

In 2009, we stand on the precipice of choosing socialism or freedom. Collectivism or individual liberty. Which will you choose? Or will that choice be taken from you by hidden contracts of adhesion?

If the drug companies can hide deadly side effects, what makes you think that the government can't hide deadly clauses?

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