Monday, April 27, 2009

RSBell Swine Flu podcasts to go "viral" in support of immune systems everywhere

In case you or a loved one missed my April 26 broadcast on the new Swine Flu, now is your chance to let the biological truth go "viral."

See below:

121531 Un-Kosher Swine Flu Hype - 4/26/2009 - Hour 1
Un-Kosher Swine Flu Hype -- Is the mainstream media over-reacting to the Mexican Swine/Bird Flu? Do Mexican beans jump? Pig, Bird and Human influenza DNA mysteriously combine to infect people in Mexico? I thought the X-Files went off the air years ago. Wasnt there enough Guillain-Barre syndrome the first time government tried to force the Swine Flu shot on the American people? Just in case you are concerned about respiratory viruses and what to do about them, powerful reminders and remedies will be revealed this hour. Rather than fear, the Robert Scott Bell Show brings empowerment to your immune system. Lots of solutions that the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex would rather you not know. Where is the First Amendment still healthy and breathing? Right here. The Health Ranger Report: Mike Adams covers breakthrough science related to Vitamin D and sun exposure. Do not be afraid of the light. In the news: More drugs in the water. Like we didnt have enough already.
pod Published: Mon, 27 Apr 2009 01:05:09 CDT

121529 Health Freedom Secession or Concession - 4/26/2009 - Hour 2
Health Freedom Secession or Concession -- Part 2 on the Swine Flu to begin. While the mainstream media continues to hype stories to frighten your arms into the needles of Big PHARMA, Attorney Diane Miller, Director, National Health Freedom Coalition (NHFC), joins me with the NHFC new Executive Director Christine Chernis Brandt, to report on the latest victories of state leaders from across the country passing safe harbor health freedom bills, including the most recent win, New Mexico H664 (podcast at, and (, protecting traditional and complementary and alternative healers. Also, protection of DSHEA is a top priority for NHFC and their annual hosting of the United States Health Freedom Assembly brings leaders together to strengthen the health freedom movement. NHFC is supporting the development of a bill to reject the Codex Vitamin and Mineral Guidelines calling for maximum upper limits on dosages ( And NHFC is urgently calling for pledges to their recent matching grant offer of $3,000/month from Dr. Clark Research Association No monthly donation is too small as they gather the voices of the people together for health freedom. Freedom depends upon your health. Health depends upon your freedom. They are intricately linked and this is what you can do. In the news: The U.S. spends $9 Billion a year drugging children for bogus psychiatric disorders. I finish with more updates on the new Swine Flu and what to do about it.
pod Published: Mon, 27 Apr 2009 09:18:01 CDT
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