Friday, May 1, 2009

H1N1 mystery solved? Got an immune system? Here's what it needs...

While the HHS, FDA and CDC may have some good scientists, they are trapped in a bureaucratic oligarchy rife with corruption, incompetence and pharmaceutical conflicts of interest. Because of this, you will not learn the truth from them. They even distort the facts. Imagine that. Now on to the unapproved blog:

The following is not to be construed as medical advice, which is often lacking the basic understanding of environmental toxicity, sub-clinical nutritional deficiencies and the metabolic pathways in need of support for proper detoxification (especially after aggressive defensive immune cascades). If you think you have the flu, seek the medical attention that you deem appropriate, while you still have the freedom.

First and foremost to consider, what is the most potent, broad spectrum antimicrobial substance in nature? Silver. Specifically, positively charged silver ions (Ag1+), which denature the protein coat of a virus on contact, rendering it unable to replicate. It is also known as an oxygen sponge, able to carry up to 10 times its atomic weight in oxygen the warmer it gets. This oxygen-carrying capacity facilitates the body's production of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), which is another critical tool your body uses to overcome microbial infection. With silver, in the colloidal or hydrosol form, all you have to do is to deliver it to where it is needed in sufficient quantity and frequency.

It is interesting to note that most people do not actually die of the primary viral influenza infection. They actually succumb to secondary bacterial infections and pneumonia which result as a consequence of the body's insufficiency in clearing the debris leftover after appropriate and life-saving immune cascades. This is where most of the medical community gets lost. Instead of promoting substances and therapies that enhance and open detoxification pathways, they administer drugs to suppress all necessary symptoms expressed by your body in desperate attempt to save your life. In the process of trying to reduce your symptoms, allopathically-trained doctors may inadvertently hasten your demise.

In addition to nebulized and oral administration of life-saving silver hydrosol, don't forget all that is critical in support of the detoxification functions of your body's cells. Doctors MUST support glutathione production. Your liver needs it. Every cell in your body needs it. Your body cannot produce glutathione without adequate stores of the trace mineral selenium.

The Mexican kids and young adults raised in Mexico City are exposed to so much toxic air pollution on a daily basis, that it can be reasonably extrapolated that they are severely Selenium deficient. This means that even if they are relatively healthy because of their youth, they cannot efficiently clear the debris from (even) successful immune cascades. When the liver cannot do its job efficiently, the lungs are going to be stressed beyond their capacity with mucous and fluid build-up, resulting in bacterial co-infections and pneumonia. Remember, the vast majority of flu deaths are not the result of the influenza virus, but from resulting "complications." Which, in reality, can be explained as simply as compromised detoxification pathways (i.e, selenium deficiency). Have I made myself clear?

Following, for informational and educational purposes only (not a comprehensive list, but a good start):

Prevention: Plenty of sunshine! Vitamin D is a critical component in flu prevention. Fear of the sun can be deadly. If you can't get enough sunlight, consider Vitamin D3 as a dietary supplement.

Liver: Glutathione, N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC - glutathione precursor), Selenium. Also Homeopathic Bryonia, Nux vomica and Chelidonium.

Flu, Fever: Homeopathic Phosphorus, Gelsemium (anxiousness)

Intestinal Flu: Homeopathic Baptisia, Probiotics12+

Lungs/Coughing: Homeopathic Bryonia, Antimonium tartaricum, Drosera, Spongia

Anti-viral: Silver hydrosol

Further, if you have not already listened to my radio show podcast of last week's coverage of the potential Swine Flu pandemic, please click here. This information has not been heard anywhere else in the mainstream media and it may just save your life.

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