Sunday, May 3, 2009

Talking Heads on the Swine Flu Response 1976 and 2009: Ron Paul, can't stop making sense

Should we listen to bureaucrats or physicians when it comes to pandemic policies?

Government (and the bureaucrats scurrying within it with very rare exception) will never understand the terrain required for a truly deadly pandemic to flourish. Though it is obvious to those who study history and subsequently understand the unique environmental factors that give rise to historically significant pathogenic events.

It would be helpful if, before graduating from medical school, doctors-to-be were required to read and understand the teachings of:

Antoine Béchamp, Claude Bernard and Samuel Hahnemann, for starters. Additionally, Divided Legacy by Harris Coulter, should be on the required reading list.

Is it responsible to ignore the historical fact that those “treated” by homeopathic medicines, for instance, during numerous historically-recorded disease outbreaks, had significantly higher survival rates when compared to those treated with allopathic medicines?

Just imagine how calmly and rationally we could prevent pandemics, much less treat those who succumb to infectious diseases (whether it is viral, bacterial or fungal), once the real disease process is acknowledged and understood by those who shape public health policy.

Pathogenic microbes can only grow in an environment hospitable to their growth. Change the terrain and you change what grows there.

Now, if we could only apply that to the District of Columbia.

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