Saturday, July 11, 2009

Quick hits from the news with an RSBell perspective, from Henry Waxman to global warming

Quick hits from the news with an RSBell perspective...

Headline: Familiar Players in Health Bill Lobbying "The nation's largest insurers, hospitals and medical groups have hired more than 350 former government staff members and retired members of Congress in hopes of influencing their old bosses and colleagues..."

The revolving door between Congress, FDA and Big PHARMA swings so frequently and so fast that they have taken inner ear disorders to dizzying new heights. While there is temporary euphoria, the problem with dizziness is that you eventually fall out of control and hit hard. The disaster that is monopoly medicine, whether, private, public or an agglomeration of both, has already failed and no amount of fiat money can save it. Medical slavery or health freedom? It really is your choice. You only believe that they took it away from you.

Headline: Health Care Reform Faces Resistance from Republicans, Democrats in Congress "...members of the fiscally conservative "blue-dog" Democrats sent a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi expressing concern about some of the new taxes proposed to fund health care reform, as well as the shape of a public plan option."

New taxes will only make ALL health care even more expensive. They have NO money. They cannot tax more. The options left are borrowing from China (unless they refuse) or printing more fiat dollars out of thin air. Pelosi is too stupid to know that none of those options even come close to addressing what ails US. If, on the slim chance she is smart enough to know, then she and other members of Congress supporting Obama-care are criminally negligent.

Headline: 5 Risks Linked to Diabetes Medications Like Lantus, Avandia, Actos "Cancer, heart failure, fractures, and eye and liver problems among some diabetes drugs' possible risks..."

What if cinnamon did even one of those things? It would be banned by Henry Waxman yesterday. Drugs do not cure disease, they suppress symptoms while creating even more serious diseases. Why is it that drugs get a pass when considering safety? Because Henry Waxman is addicted to drug money. Over $150,000 every year from Big PHARMA. Can someone in Congress do an intervention for Henry and send him to rehab before he harms one more American with his disgust of dietary supplements? I wonder if Waxman could be charged with a hate crime because of his assault on herbal products?

Headline: ADHD Drugs Proven Absolutely Useless for Children - Plus, They Stunt Growth "Behavioral treatments are going to have much better benefit in the long term," said researcher William Pelham, of the University of Buffalo.

How about changing their diet? Maybe a nutritional supplement or two while Henry Waxman isn't looking?

Headline in the news: Restrict calories, increase life span? Not so easy "A preliminary study of 48 adults showed that overweight people who reduced their caloric intake by 25% for six months significantly lowered their fasting insulin levels and their core body temperatures -- both key trends seen in animals who lived longer as a result of eating less."

Longevity by caloric restriction has more to do with the pancreas and insulin stressors than simply eating less. GTF Chromium may be the key here, but don't tell Henry Waxman.

Headline: U.S. to vaccinate millions against swine flu "School-age children will be a key target population for a pandemic flu vaccine in the fall and may get their shots at school in a mass vaccination campaign not seen since the polio epidemics of the 1950s."

Considering that the 1976 Swine Flu vaccine campaign resulted in scores more death and injury than the flu itself, is there a statute in 2009 that covers attempted genocide on the school kids of America by HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius?

Headline: Pigs at risk from people as new flu spreads "The prevention of human-to-pig transmissions should have a high priority in order to avoid involvement of pigs in the epidemiology of this pandemic."

Over 200,000 Americans die every year due to modern medicine. Why isn't the CDC and WHO calling for a vaccination to protect us from the dangers of iatrogenic diseases?

Scary quote of the week: "It has killed more than 400 people globally and likely now infects millions."

Before the CDC begins slaughtering Americans to save the pig, let's do a little 6th grade math. 400 dead out of 6,770,498,877. That does not even rate as a statistically significant number of anything on planet earth. The fact that millions have been infected is actually good news, contrary to the mantra of the WHO. Now millions have acquired natural immunity to the swine super-villain that happens to be weaker than a typical seasonal flu strain. Put your syringe back in its holster, Kathleen Sebelius.

Headline: Swine flu deaths in UK double as country now has third highest number of cases in the world "The creation of Tamiflu vouchers - a key weapon in the Government's fight against the killer flu - could in fact slow the distribution of the antiviral drugs..."

You ever breathe the air in London? This is a toxicological hygiene event. Hope the Brits wake up in time to reject experimental vaccinations come autumn lest they also be conquered by Big PHARMA. Has anyone over there seen the movie V for Vendetta?

Headline: Gore: U.S. Climate Bill Will Help Bring About 'Global Governance' The 2007 UN stated there was an “urgent need” for a global tax in order for “damages [from climate change] to be kept from growing to truly catastrophic levels, especially in vulnerable countries of the developing world.

Gore is a global criminal profiting off of faulty science and feel-good environmentalism. If he really cared about the environment, he would stay home and tend to his own garden. You cannot solve the problem of disputed ecological challenges by institutionalizing bureaucracies planet-wide. It is precisely government regulators that have facilitated and protected polluters. Only restoration of private property rights and local governments willing to defend them can put an end to whatever Al Gore thinks ails the planet. I do not believe he gives a flip about what he calls global warming, as long as he gets global government. His allegiance is to himself. Maybe he can stop climate change on Mars?

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