Friday, July 3, 2009

TalkStreamLive: The Robert Scott Bell Show among the 50 most powerful shows on the internet!

In addition to 70 terrestrial radio affiliates, The Robert Scott Bell Show has once again cracked the Power 50 -- "The 50 most powerful Talk Radio shows on the Internet" according to

Also known as as The United States of Health Talk Radio, Robert's radio program is the only health talk show that made the Power 50.

When asked for comment, Robert responded,

"I am not delusionally giddy with the honor, but it is significant that my message of health freedom and liberty consistently draws a larger audience than most in the mainstream media believe is possible. Making the Top 50 despite only airing for 2 hours every Sunday is no small feat considering almost every other show on the list airs 2-3 hours five days a week!"

If you love talk radio, Bill Frees' Talkstreamlive is the best place to go to listen to your favorite shows streaming on the internet.

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