Friday, August 7, 2009

Can you handle freedom? Let Congress know now, before it's too late.

Can you handle health freedom? It's a serious question. In a fit of apparent medically-assisted suicide, millions of Americans are begging for the federal government to take control of their health care.

Bottom-feeding bureaucrats living in reclaimed swampland ten miles square are not even qualified to care for their own health, let alone 300,000 million of us. So why on earth would a formerly freedom-loving people give up on liberty for a few shekels worth of subsidized or "free" pharmaceutical drugs?

The Democrats have done a bang-up job convincing large swaths of collectivist-leaning masses that freedom is what caused their inability to afford quality heath care. Republicans have been party to a monopoly-run semi-private 3rd party payer system parading as a free market since the time of Richard Nixon and are quite culpable for the Democratic Party's success in demonizing freedom.

I have described it this way before:

Republicans are arguing for a system where you are free to move about your allopathic prison cell. The Democrats are arguing that you should be free to move about your allopathic prison cell as long as you are chained to a government bureaucrat.

Neither option sounds so appealing to me.

Does freedom stand a chance? Here comes Dr. Ron Paul to the rescue! With the help of my good friend and champion for health freedom, Jonathan Emord, Congressman Paul just introduced three game-changing bills into the 111th Congressional Session. If the people of the United States of America are to restore freedom to their posterity, these bills must not get lost in the cacophony of Left and Right arguing about the size of our health care cage.

Bernie Owens over at The Wellness Hour has set up a great linking page so that you can alert your congressional representative to support:

HR 3394 Freedom of Health Speech Act (description below)

HR 3395 Health Freedom Act (description below)

HR 3396 Congressional Responsibility and Accountability Act (description below)

HR 3395 The Health Freedom Act. This bill removes FDA’s power of prior restraint over all nutrient-disease relationship claims. Under the bill, FDA may not prohibit any statement concerning a nutrient affecting a disease (including treatment effects) from being made in the market and may only act against a statement once made if it possesses clear and convincing evidence that the statement is false. Presently FDA blocks an enormous quantity of truthful information concerning the effects of nutrients and foods on disease from reaching consumers. That barrier is removed by the Health Freedom Act, but the Act preserves the power of the government to prosecute those who communicate falsehood. The essential purpose of the First Amendment is to disarm the federal government of the power to impose a prior restraint on speech. The FDA has imposed a prior restraint for decades to the health detriment of the public. Passage of the Health Freedom Act will restore constitutional governance by reasserting the supremacy of the First Amendment over the Food and Drug Administration.

HR 3394 The Freedom of Health Speech Act. This bill prevents the Federal Trade Commission from taking action against any advertiser that communicates a health benefit for a product unless the FTC first establishes based on clear and convincing evidence that the statement made is false and that its communication causes harm to the public. Presently, the FTC reverses the Fifth Amendment burden of proof on the government when it charges advertisers with deceptive advertising and then demands that they prove their speech true based on contemporaneously held documentation or be deemed to have advertised deceptively. The Fifth Amendment requires that FTC bear the burden of proving advertising deceptive. It may not constitutionally shift the burden to the advertiser to prove its statements not deceptive. The First Amendment requires that FTC not act against speech unless the speech is provably false. It may not constitutionally accuse a party of false advertising yet lack proof that the advertising is false and condemn advertising based on an absence of documentation concerning the truth of the statement rather than the presence of evidence establishing the falsity of the statement.

HR 3396 The Congressional Responsibility and Accountability Act. This bill prohibits regulations promulgated from regulatory agencies from going into effect unless passed into law by Congress in the way in which the Constitution designates. Under Article I of the Constitution, the Congress of the United States, our elected representatives, are the ones given the exclusive power to make laws. In violation of the non-delegation doctrine, about 90% of all law created by the federal government is the product of unelected heads of bureaucratic agencies, not our elected representatives. From 1934 to the present, the Congress of the United States has delegated executive, legislative, and judicial governing power to these agencies. The founding fathers warned that this combination would give birth to tyranny, self-dealing, and corruption and would be the death of liberty. Because the unelected bureaucracy makes the laws, the nation has been transformed from a republic into a bureaucratic oligarchy. Congressman Ron Paul’s Congressional Responsibility and Accountability Act restores constitutional government by returning to Congress the responsibility to make laws, thereby making them once again accountable for the laws to those who elect them.

Will your legacy to your children and grandchildren be medical slavery or health freedom? Contact your neighbor, congressional representative, senator and president today. Don't let the bureaucratic oligarchy snuff out life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness under your watch.

If you think that this is an impossible dream, who would have thought that the majority of House members would co-sponsor Ron Paul's HR 1207 to Audit the Federal Reserve? Where there is belief, all things are possible.

Lovers of Big Government, no matter what their party affiliation, can cry and stomp all they want. Freedom will always find a way to break out again. It's 2009 and these three bills (HR3394, 3395 and 3396) along with HR1207/S604 are the keys for liberty's ignition switch.

Will you have the courage to crank the engine? Will your congressional representative? What will you tell your kids?

We owe a debt of gratitude to Ron Paul and Jonathan Emord. Unlike the debt promoted by politicians in Washington, D.C., this one can set us free.

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