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Friendly Fat, Monopoly Medicine, Misinformed About Food and Swine Flu

Radio broadcast on Sunday, August 23, 2009 from 1 PM to 3 PM EDT: The struggle for health care reform is really the struggle for spiritual freedom. Many people are under the mistaken impression that it is compassionate to care for those perceived to be in need with money stolen from others perceived to need it less.

It is quite arrogant to believe that you know what everyone needs and who needs it more or less. In the case of Obama-care, the perception is evidently that everyone needs (or wants) government-run allopathic medical care. Do you?

What of other forms of healing? Or healers? Where are they in this universal socialist system? Not only are they not included, they are criminalized.

Imagine if all forms of healing and all types of healers were free to compete for the health care dollar, whether they were licensed or not. Do you think that prices would go up or down?

For those who would argue that the real issue is safety - how do you defend an annual iatrogenic death rate of 784,000 Americans every year? This is what we currently live and die with each year under the existing monopoly medical system.

If you believe that freeing up holistic healers to compete with allopathic docs would result in more injury and death, you are painfully unaware of the numerous times that doctors have gone on strike in other countries. Whenever that happens, death rates drops precipitously. Once the allopathic hospitals open for business again, mortality rates climb right back up to where they were before.

If you want medical slavery institutionalized even more than it already is - then Obama-care is for you. If you want to be free to care for your family in ways that you believe are appropriate - even when government does not - then your only choice right now is to demand support for:

HR 3394 Freedom of Health Speech Act

HR 3395 Health Freedom Act

HR 3396 Congressional Responsibility and Accountability Act

O.K., one other option: Stop asking for permission where none is required.

Hour One: Friendly Fat and Monopoly Medicine -- Does the White House know that health care in America is run under monopoly protection? Could that have anything to do with its unaffordability for millions of people? Does anyone besides Ron Paul in Congress understand that freedom is the only solution for what ails us? One monopoly-medicine update coming your way.

Is fat your friend or foe? I suppose that depends upon what kind of fat you are fearing or consuming. Stuart Tomc returns from Nordic Naturals to reveal even more of the science of Omega-3 fats. How do you choose the appropriate fats and how much should you take?

Also, Dr. Frank King, D.C., N.D., from King Bio joins me to reveal the best kept secret in flu prevention and treatment. Interestingly enough, no matter how much the FDA stomps and cries, it would take an act of congress to stop it. What is it? You'll have to tune in to find out. Special thanks to King Bio for making this live remote broadcast from Asheville possible!

Thanks for tuning in where there's more healing in two hours than most shows have in a whole year! Your calls at 1-800-449-8255. (Show topics subject to change based on breaking news and the whims of the host.)

Hour Two: Misinformed About Food -- The leading cause of death today is conventional allopathic medicine. How did this happen? Perhaps because we have been misinformed about food. True sustenance is not possible when vitamins and minerals are supplanted by drugs and surgery. What misinformation shall we clear up today? Does Calcium CAUSE bone loss? The Frankenfoods–the startling truth about genetically modified foods. Is your tap water tapping you out? Randy Karp, author of Misinformed About Foods joins me to discuss the shocking truth about the food we eat and the power of super nutrients.

Also, Dr. Frank King, D.C., N.D., returns to discuss more homeopathic options for pandemic influenza and other disease states and processes. Special thanks to King Bio for making this live remote broadcast from Asheville possible! Get ready for some more Swine Flu updates as well!

Empowering the nation and everyone in it to heal nutritionally, only on the united States of health talk radio. Your calls at 1-800-449-8255. (Show topics subject to change based on breaking news and the whims of the host.)

Successful Use of Homeopathy In Over 2.5 Million People Reported From Cuba " Aug 2007, Finlay put approximately [2,500,000] people (yes! 5 million doses!) in 2 provinces on homeopathic nosode prophylaxis at the cost of about only US$ 200,000." The use of homeopathic nosodes, out of necessity, confirms that which I have seen in my own practice over many years. Sensitizing the immune system with energetic signatures (or resonant frequency) is more effective (and a thousand times safer) than injecting experimental biologics with numerous pathological toxins in preventing disease. Maybe economic collapse is good for our health?

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