Sunday, August 2, 2009

Swine Flu Sissies and Mad as an FDA Hatter on Mercury

Radio broadcast on Sunday, August 2, 2009 from 1 PM to 3 PM EDT: Do you plan to subject your children to the new and improved experimental Swine Flu vaccine?

I have to wonder if the improved version will kill more or less people than the 1976 version. Actually, this time it portends to be much worse as the CDC targets all first responders, children and even pregnant women.

What if the government forces it on your children without allowance for medical, philosophical or religious exemption? What does it mean if you can be forced to turn your kids over to a medical police state in support of Novartis and other vaccine makers? Is resistance futile? Perhaps it is time to understand an important little legal thing called jurisdiction. Can you remove your offspring from a federal chattel designation?

Is anybody in media even asking why governments around the world are so anxious to inject their citizens with potentially deadly poisons? In the U.S. government, is anyone other than Dr. Ron Paul questioning the constitutionality of such medical assault and battery? Homeland Security must be secretly authorized to make an exception for biological terrorism as long as it is conducted by our own government.

It may take mass casualties of the War on Swine Flu to wake the people of America to the fact that the government has no lawful authority to force vaccine-based medical interventions, especially not in support of a pharmaceutical industrial complex. Please do not allow your child to become the collateral damage of an insane attempt to prevent disease by causing it.

Disease is not the absence of pathogens any more than it is the presence of artificially hyper-stimulated antibody production.

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Hour One: Are you a Swine Flu Sissy? -- An S.F.S. is someone who still believes that it is the appropriate role of government to purchase with Tax Dollars vaccinations that no one would be willing to avail themselves of in the free market. The vaccination campaign is nothing more than a dangerous and unconstitutional transfer of wealth to multinational corporations having no allegiance to any nation or state.

In 1976, the federal government rushed into production a Swine Flu vaccination that killed 25 times the number of people that were purported to have met their demise due to an influenza virus. That number does not include thousands who were adversely effected with a number of maladies, including Guillain-Barré Syndrome. Here they come again in 2009 with a new and improved shot that has never been tested on anyone, least of all children, the intended target.

Is it your responsibility to warn you neighbor about the dangers of monopoly medicine before American children are harmed by a delusional attempt at hyper-immunostimulation? MF59 squalene adjuvant has already devastated thousands of soldiers and threatens to do the same or worse in your child's school. What can you do to protect them from government medicine? Doc Harmony joins me to help us figure this out.

Headlines in the news: The World Health Organization will recommend that nations curtail efforts to confirm swine flu cases and assume the H1N1 virus is the culprit. "...officials are seeing the first signs of resistance to the commonly used antiviral drug Tamiflu..." The gold standard in science and flu diagnosing is now the assumption. I suppose this is right in line with the annual flu shot constituent determination by guessing, followed by a democratic vote amongst pharmaceutically-conflicted eggheads.

Before you’re forced to get any mandatory vaccinations… …have your physician sign the Physician’s Warranty of Vaccine Safety...

Why Do We Spend $34 Billion in Alternative Medicine? " the same time as Americans are embracing alternative medicine, the American Medical Association's (AMA) policy on the matter far from endorses the treatments." Why are so many Americans not in compliance with a pharmaceutical police state?

Pregnant Women, Health-Care Workers Top Swine Flu Vaccine Candidates "Added to that list of first-line recipients are parents and caregivers of infants, non-elderly adults with risky medical problems and young adults ages 19 to 24, according to the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, part of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention." If you are breathing, you are soon to become a likely target of the marketing arm of the vaccine industry.

Swine flu could hit up to 40 percent in US "...and several hundred thousand could die without a successful vaccine campaign and other measures." Nonsense.

Vaccine problems for seasonal flu "...some laboratory tests indicate that there is a new strain of the H3N2 flu virus -- one of three strains included in the flu vaccine -- that is different from the A/Brisbane/10 strain of H3N2 that was selected for the vaccine." They have already goofed on the seasonal one so you can be sure the experimental pandemic one will be a smashing success - as long as your desired outcome is failure.

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Hour Two: FDA Declares Mercury Safe -- Will the delusions of grandeur coming from Rockville, Maryland ever cease? With strange powers worthy of Harry Potter not found anywhere in the constitution, the FDA has just reversed thousands of years of toxicological science. With the wave of their ADA-lobbied magic wand, the Food and Drug Administration has declared mercury safe -- as long as it it molded into your teeth.

In case an FDA agent is reading this: your teeth are in your mouth, which is part of your head, which contains a brain, which HHS employees are obviously incapable of using. Who is most likely to be implanted with mercury fillings? Men and women serving in the armed forces, along with inner city poor folks. Let's see what we can do to reverse this mercury madness. Dr. David Kennedy joins me me from the IAOMT to discuss the FDA declaration of mercury being safe in the mouths of babes.

Doc Harmony also returns for more common sense injections. More on the mandated flu shot if necessary, this hour as well.

Headline in the news: FDA says mercury dental fillings not harmful "The ADA, which represents the dental industry, backed the FDA's decision not to restrict mercury fillings, saying alternatives are also considered 'moderate risk' by the FDA." Why not just put mercury into toothpaste, along with the Fluoride that the ADA and FDA continue to insist are safe. "...fillings that contain mercury are safe for patients..."

Study Says Organic Foods No More Nutritious, but Others Disagree "One problem with the new review is the use of older studies, some done in 1958, says Michael Hansen, PhD, a senior scientist at Consumers Union and a food safety expert." This comes courtesy of conflicted food scientists that believe that pesticides are a necessary trace element.

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