Monday, September 14, 2009

Obama Promises are Free - podcast link

Obama Promises are Free – How does stuff that costs money become free? Sorcerer-in-Chief? Only the Fed can monetize debt and provide the illusion that it went away. Is Obama really open to new ideas in health care reform? Did the president lie? Why did Joe Wilson apologize?

Obama claims that he does not want to put the insurance industry out of business, just “make them accountable.” What about the executive branch of the federal government? Will accountability count there too? By the way, how does a private business compete under stifling regulations against an artificial entity that has an unlimited ability to lose money and keep going?

Did you hear that Barack says he will not sign a plan that will add one dime to the deficit? Have you seen the deficit lately?!? When does that promise start?

It’s my turn to tell the president what we should do to restore health care integrity to America. Unlike Joe Wilson, I will not apologize for my views. Let freedom ring. Plus, in honor of the Obama address to the joint session of Congress, natural cures for diarrhea are included this hour.

Also, David Rasnick returns with news of the upcoming Rethinking AIDS Conference November 6-8, 2009. See you there!

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