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Cancer Freedom, Bone-up Skeletal Integrity & Dangerous Pandemic Absurdities

Radio broadcast on Sunday, October 4, 2009 from 1 PM to 3 PM EDT: Believe it or not, the federal government does not have a monopoly on biological stupidity. State governments invest in Taxpayer-funded research rat holes, too. Texas just committed $3 billion over the next decade to find the cure for cancer.

In the mean time, federal, state and local police enforce the pre-existing medical monopoly on cancer prevention and treatment - already the exclusive domain of BIG PHARMA. It matters not how much money you throw at scientists, innovation does not come from within the constraints of monopoly.

All the prevention and treatment you'll ever need exists in nature as cancer is a chronic disease resulting from nutritional deficiencies, toxin proficiencies and unresolved emotional disturbances, even over generations. Cancer does not result due to a deficiency of toxic chemotherapy, nor a lack of ionizing radiation.

Those who still believe that government and industry would get behind the cure for cancer if it already existed are hopelessly, economically naive. Until the medical monopoly is dismantled, all "official" research will be constrained within the narrow confines of patented designer chemotherapeutics and novel new ways to focus ionizing radiation. Maybe a smidgen of genetic engineering will be thrown in for good measure.

If you want cancer cured -- free up all the healers to heal.

Those approved by government (licensed allopathic oncologists) have proven themselves to be accelerators of death and suffering rather than carriers of cure and healing. Don't worry, in a true free market, they would still be there, although they would actually have to compete against all other forms of medicine without the benefit of a government gun.

If you argue for the status quo, you argue for monopoly. If you argue for reform without dismantling monopoly, your calls for reform are meaningless. We do not need the NCI, nor Texas government doing cancer research. We need freedom.

That includes the freedom to heal cancer by any natural means without being branded an enemy of the state. Can you handle that sort of freedom?

Hour One: Bone up Skeletal Integrity -- Over-emphasis on calcium has made millions of women susceptible to pharmaceutical propaganda, convincing them that they suffer from a drug-deficiency disease. I assure you, osteoporosis is not evidence of the lack of Boniva and Fosamax. The musculoskeletal system requires a symphony of trace elements from living food sources in order to maintain (much less regain) its integrity.

Jordan Rubin returns to let us know how to get one of 35,000 Grow Bone Systems that will be given away for FREE on October 10th. What is the role of strontium, vanadium, magnesium and silica in bone health? Have you checked into the Weston A. Price Foundation yet?

More updates on the upcoming Rethinking AIDS Conference November 6-8, 2009. Hope to see you there!

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Hour Two: Dangerous Pandemic Absurdities -- In New York, after government mandated the latest experimental vaccine for influenza, protests have erupted from doctors and nurses. Is the medical profession finally in rebellion against its captors? In Washington, nurses actually filed a federal lawsuit against shot requirements.

Yet, medical reporters and government officials continue to push for near universal vaccination against influenza, both seasonal and novel - and they do so with a straight face despite obvious absurdities.

Among those, the removal of ANY liability from vaccine-makers for injury or death caused by the shots. Even Canada is granting pre-pardons to Big Pharma. What other industry gets artificially removed from the consequences of its actions? What human?

How about the first Swine Flu vaccines actually being in nasal spray form? MedImmune's formula used to caution against contact with immuno-compromised individuals for 21 days after administration. Who are they going after first? Hospital personnel. Where is the highest concentration of immune-challenged people? Hospitals. Absurd?

Apparently not to Dr. Sanjay Gupta, who also believes that suppressing fever with liver toxic drugs is a good thing. Why do you think that he had such a miserable (Swine) flu? Another shill for drugs and vaccines? More audio from Dr. Pretty and her AAP flu shot promotion.

My good friend, Shane Ellison, drops by with more OTC Natural Cures.

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