Thursday, October 8, 2009

"Dangerous Pandemic Absurdities" podcast link with Shane Ellison's OTC Natural Cures

Dangerous Pandemic Absurdities -- In New York, after government mandated the latest experimental vaccine for influenza, protests have erupted from doctors and nurses. Is the medical profession finally in rebellion against its captors? In Washington, nurses actually filed a federal lawsuit against shot requirements.

Yet, medical reporters and government officials continue to push for near universal vaccination against influenza, both seasonal and novel - and they do so with a straight face despite obvious absurdities.

Among those, the removal of ANY liability from vaccine-makers for injury or death caused by the shots. Even Canada is granting pre-pardons to Big Pharma. What other industry gets artificially removed from the consequences of its actions? What human?

How about the first Swine Flu vaccines actually being in nasal spray form? MedImmune's formula used to caution against contact with immuno-compromised individuals for 21 days after administration. Who are they going after first? Hospital personnel. Where is the highest concentration of immune-challenged people? Hospitals. Absurd?

Apparently not to Dr. Sanjay Gupta, who also believes that suppressing fever with liver toxic drugs is a good thing. Why do you think that he had such a miserable (Swine) flu? Another shill for drugs and vaccines? More audio from Dr. Pretty and her AAP flu shot promotion.

My good friend, Shane Ellison, drops by with more OTC Natural Cures.

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