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Flu Shot Dystonia Backfire, Pink Ribbons and Green Patriots

Radio broadcast on Sunday, October 18, 2009 from 1 PM to 3 PM EDT: Clearing the terrain is conservative, not liberal. Today's liberal thought-form on the environment is that "only government regulation can save nature." This is absurdist nonsense shielded by utopian eye-blinders.

Modern-day liberals (not classical liberals) are completely ignorant of the fact that it is precisely government that ALLOWS (and protects) the polluters while circumventing the average citizen's recourse in defense of property rights -- which would stop the polluters in their tracks, even with no EPA regulations. Cap and trade that.

Now Obama appears ready to sign an international treaty to override the Constitution so that global government can redistribute fiat money from America to polluted and corrupt governments in poor nations.

How this will help the environment can only be explained by PR companies paid big bucks to obfuscate reality. Unless you are a multinational corporation with no allegiance to any nation or state, theft will not benefit you or your environment. Do modern-day Democrats and Republicans secretly wear communist underpants?

It is tragic how statists from both parties conveniently forget that some of the most severe environmental damage occurred under communist/socialist regimes.

In America, government was supposed to defend individual liberty and provide a means by which the little guy could get justice whenever his right to life, liberty or property was breached. If the government did as is laid out in the Constitution, it would get out of the way and allow property owners (that is EVERYONE, if you acknowledge that you own your own life) to fight back directly against artificial creations of the state and their polluting ways.

Smoky the Bear used to say that "only you can stop forest fires." It's true in this case as well. Only you can clean up the environment. Don't look to government to do that which is your responsibility. It's a dangerous servant and an incredibly toxic master.

In case you missed my latest appearance on the Savage Nation, watch this:

Now, on to this week's show:

Hour One: Flu Shot Backfire -- Has Big Pharma finally bitten off more than it could chew? Desiree Jennings, a Washington Redskins cheerleader's life has been harmed (irreparably?) by the latest and greatest flu vaccine. How will the vaccine industry spin this? They own the PR so look for the mainstream media to attempt to bury the story before it gains too much traction. The U.S. version of the story is obviously vague, as if the incident is just an erroneous, unsubstantiated claim.

Has a New York judge halted a medical rebellion? It seems that the NY State Supreme Court issued a stay of execution as it argued "that state Health Commissioner Richard Daines overstepped his authority." Perhaps we should consider just how it came to be that vaccination became sacrament in the Church of Modern Medicine.

Joining me this hour is Dr. Rashid Buttar, one of the foremost medical authorities in countering the damage from assault by vaccination. Do you know anyone who has been vaccine damaged? Don't miss this hour!

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Hour Two: Pink Ribbons and Green Patriots -- National Breast Cancer Awareness month continues, but nary a mention of Vitamin D and Selenium in the mainstream medical press corps. It's all radiation and chemo, all the time. It's time to revisit true breast cancer prevention and reversal.

Special note to all you Earth Muffins out there: Disband the EPA and restore property rights. I will explain how that would clean up the environment faster than a million government regulators (local, state, federal and global combined) could ever do. Not only would it reduce breast cancer, but all other cancers as well.

Do we have enough vaccines yet? The cigarette vaccine is evidently up in smoke. Maybe there should be a vaccine to protect us from government. Never mind, we'd probably just get more.

Also, targeting drugs with nanoparticles? Since there is no such thing as a cellular drug deficiency, how will smaller drug particles really be of genuine benefit? Do we really need to be deluded by allopathic nano-pharmacology? Besides, we already have safe nano-medicine. It's called HOMEOPATHY.

Plus, more updates on the upcoming Rethinking AIDS Conference November 6-8, 2009. Hope to see you there!

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