Monday, October 26, 2009

Medical Scam Alert! Swine Flu and HIV - Lindsey Nagel is Living Proof - Podcast Link

Medical Scam Alert! Swine Flu and HIV -- Has Barack gone stark raving mad? Obama is trying to salvage CDC’s as-pirin by declaring a national emergency in the face of the Swine Flu Scam of 2009. The pharmaceutical conflicts of interest and corruption make even the Russian mafia blush. My good friend Jon Rappoport parses the numbers here.

This is not the only scam being perpetrated by pharmaceutical-sponsored government. Since the 1984 Gallo-Heckler press conference, much of the world has been deceived into believing that a retrovirus could become a super-villain capable of destroying even the strongest immune system. Africa’s population was supposed to have been decimated by now, yet there are tens of millions of more Africans on the continent since the dawn of this pharmaceutical scam.

How does a 2 week old HIV+ Romanian adoptee (circa 1990) become a healthy 19 year old in 2009? Hint: NO “HIV” DRUGS. Cheryl Nagel joins me for her first interview since House of Numbers was released to share a story that cannot be told in the HIV-worshipping mainstream media. Lindsey Nagel is alive today precisely because of Peter Duesberg’s intervention.

Podcast link:

Plus, more updates on the upcoming Rethinking AIDS Conference November 6-8, 2009. Hope to see you there!

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