Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pink Ribbons and Green Patriots - podcast link - includes special interview with Chris Barr on Selenium and Breast Cancer

National Breast Cancer Awareness month continues, but nary a mention of Vitamin D and Selenium in the mainstream medical press corps. It’s all radiation and chemo, all the time. It’s time to revisit true breast cancer prevention and reversal with my good friend, Chris Barr.

Special note to all you Earth Muffins out there: Disband the EPA and restore property rights. I will explain how that would clean up the environment faster than a million government regulators (local, state, federal and global combined) could ever do. Not only would it reduce breast cancer, but all other cancers as well.
Do we have enough vaccines yet? The cigarette vaccine is evidently up in smoke. Maybe there should be a vaccine to protect us from government. Never mind, we’d probably just get more.
targeting drugs with nanoparticles? Since there is no such thing as a cellular drug deficiency, how will smaller drug particles really be of genuine benefit? Do we really need to be deluded by allopathic nano-pharmacology? Besides, we already have safe nano-medicine. It’s called HOMEOPATHY.

Plus, more updates on the upcoming Rethinking AIDS Conference November 6-8, 2009. Hope to see you there!

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