Wednesday, November 4, 2009

EXCLUSIVE - Flu Shot Victim Desiree Jennings CURED of "untreatable" Neurological Disorder

In this special podcast edition of The Robert Scott Bell Show, I interview treating physician Dr. Rashid Buttar about Desiree Jennings's medical condition and treatment, including my concern that certain pharmaceutical interest groups will attack them because of the possibility that this dramatic healing might weaken those in favor of mandatory vaccinations.

The Robert Scott Bell Show is first to break the story of the treating doctor and resulting success in reversing a supposedly incurable neurological adverse event reaction. This dramatic healing could serve to weaken the grip of the authoritarian naysayers within the medical industrial complex when it comes to vaccine injuries and the recovery of patients so injured.

Will Desiree Jennings be the shot heard round the world?

Podcast link:

Once you have clicked the link above and listened to the exclusive podcast, click the following link to hear a special message from Desiree Jennings:

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