Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Explosive Conflict of Interest; Who Profits from the National Health Plan? Podcast link

Are Democrats protecting the uninsured, or the stocks that government owns in Big Pharma?

Join Jon Rappoport and me as we reveal what may be the world's largest insider-trading scandal never told! Listen to this podcast only if you want to hear an explosive conversation about how governments are really profit-making investment businesses, with the power to make their investments soar...and how that sets up an enormous conflict of interest in the coming national health plan.

FDA regulations in favor of drugs and against dietary supplements are now acknowledged to be part of a de facto protection racket to insure drug and vaccine manufacturer stock prices continue to go up. Why? To insure the solvency of government. How flush with pharmaceutical funds are the state governments? No one knows as they continue to claim that they teeter on the edge of bankruptcy.

What if they are so flush with funds that they could be returning Taxpayer funds back to the Taxpayers? (click the previous sentence to read all about it)

This podcast interview with Jon Rappoport reveals that there is NO DIFFERENCE between government and business. The business of government is business. Unfortunately, it's not your business.

Be warned, this podcast is definitely too hot for the pharmaceutically-controlled mainstream media. Make sure you review the research of Walter Burien.

Podcast link: http://askrsb.podbean.com/2009/12/29/explosive-conflict-of-interest-who-profits-from-the-national-health-plan/

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