Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jon Rappoport "Barbara Starfield JAMA 2000" uncensored podcast link

Why is it that collectivists on the left worship medical science as if it were a religion? Google “Barbara Starfield JAMA 2000" and explain away 106,000 deaths every year due to "scientific" allopathic medicine.

Robert Scott Bell talks with investigative reporter Jon Rappoport about the THE SMOKING GUN at the congested heart of the American medical system: a July 2000 JAMA-published report on medically caused deaths.  Jon recently interviewed the author of that report, Barbara Starfield from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.  This information is astonishing!

Since its publication ten years ago, over 2 million Americans have died due to an FDA-approved and regulated form of medicine.

If that's too abstract for you, you've checked your humanity at the door to worship at the altar of the Church of Biological Mysticism.

This is a special unedited and uncensored podcast discussion of what awaits us should the “reform” of health care institutionalize the 3rd leading cause of death in America (Obama-care-to-be) at the force of a government gun (Pelosi mandate).

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