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More Over-the-Counter Natural Cures, Toys for Tots or Syringe Snacks for Suckers

Radio broadcast on Sunday, December 20, 2009 from 1 PM to 3 PM EST:
Democrats in the Senate love the darkness, especially when it comes to enslaving the American people to phony insurance mandates to further institutionalize the 3rd leading cause of death on our shores.

There's only one more day until daylight begins its long, slow return to the
Northern hemisphere. Fortunately, you do not have to wait for the Winter
Solstice to pass for the light to reveal the truth about natural healing.

Do the Dems want secession? Rebellion? Revolution? Why would they be pushing so hard to violate the rights of all those who would choose natural healing methods over the pharmaceutical mandates from the D.C. swamp?

Perhaps they realize that they are done for after the upcoming mid-term elections? They're not leaving until every last one of us is on drugs (at least based on the bill to mandate allopathic health insurance).

Is there hope for liberty? May freedom be restored to our posterity before it is lost completely in a cloud to medical collectivism.

Oh, and by the way, Merry Christmas!!!

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Hour One: More Over-the-Counter Natural Cures -- Getting well and staying well does not have to bankrupt you or the nation. What are Over the Counter Natural Cures? Shane Ellison returns to stretch health care dollars in ways that would make Harry Reid go bonkers. Speaking of bonkers, how far removed from reality are the Democrats in support of disease management insurance reform monopoly medicine? Will they pass a deal before Christmas or is it dead until the New Year? I will bring you the latest news in the struggle to restore health freedom in America, despite the despots in Washington, D.C.

Hour Two: Pepperoni, Extra Cheese & Vaccinations? -- How far will government go to get children injected with experimental medicaments? The Detroit Health Department has resorted to Taxpayer funded pizza parties. I kid you not. Does anyone find this at least a little bizarre that government has resorted to bribing kids with food to get their parents to agree to subject hem to experimental medicaments? If the Democrats pass monopoly medicine insurance reform, you can bet that things will get even more bizarre. Happy's Pizza anyone? Just a wee bit Orwellian, with lithium instead of pepperoni. Is this how they get rid of a surplus in H1N1 vaccines?

Who is recommending all these vaccines, anyway? Oh yeah, the CDC, where a majority of the "experts" there have economic conflicts of interest courtesy of Big PHARMA. You want some fries with that? Or how about a heaping helping of autism? Guillain–Barré?

When it happens to your child, the chances go up to 100%. More on the dangers of medical collectivism coming your way, because the mainstream media is derelict in its duty to report the facts, especially when those facts upset the vaccine apple cart.
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Poor Children Likelier to Get Antipsychotics "...children covered by Medicaid are given powerful antipsychotic medicines at a rate four times higher than children whose parents have private insurance." of course. Call 1-866-424-1077. Especially food grown GTF chromium and selenium and

As Interest in H1N1 Vaccine Wanes, Surplus Feared "Studies are showing that the H1N1 virus is less serious than initially feared -- at its worst, the virus is only a little more serious than the seasonal flu, according to researchers at Harvard University."

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Radiation From CT Scans May Raise Cancer Risk  "...researchers are warning that the radiation patients get each time computerized tomography is used to detect injuries and disease will cause thousands of extra cancers in coming years."

Alzheimer's Drug Trial Altered After 9 Deaths "But those receiving a lower dose — 250 milligrams — would continue in the study along with placebo groups."

Fighting Swine Flu With Pepperoni "The Detroit Health Department is fighting swine flu with pepperoni. When kids return to school after the holiday break, each class has the opportunity to get a free pizza party – if they sign up for the shots."

New CDC estimate: 1 in 110 children have autism "Doctors do not know what causes autism, but have been investigating possible genetic and environmental triggers. Results from the environmental research are still years away..."

Report finds poor ethics policing at CDC "Almost none of the 250 advisers
that year properly or completely filled out forms in which they were required to state potential conflicts of interest, according to the report by the U.S.
Department of Health and Human Services' Office of the Inspector General

Kids' Swine flu shots recalled; not strong enough "Dr. Anne Schuchat, a CDC flu expert, stressed that parents don't need to do anything or to worry if their child got one — or even two — of the recalled shots. The vaccine is safe and effective, she said."

One Psychiatrist, 21 Months, 96,685 Prescriptions "...that’s about 150
scripts a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year...

Low vax demand could threaten H1N1 profits "Apparently, governments had expected people to turn out in big numbers for the shot, but that isn't happening--and so the buyers want their money back."

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