Monday, December 21, 2009

"Vaccine Attacks on Children" podcast link

Vaccine Attacks on Children -- Medical authorities in government were evidently not satisfied with the female body count to Gardasil shots; now the FDA has recommended that boys be victimized as well.

Vaccines are the gateway medicament to lifelong dependency on pharmaceutical drugs and FDA-approved drug doctors. Is it possible that we have been lied to regarding the role of vaccination in disease prevention?

How can anyone justify injecting toxic heavy metals, animal RNA, antibiotics, aborted fetal tissue, and hyper-stimulating adjuvants into the arms of babes?

Might there be better ways to promote immune function without endangering the very lives medical authorities are claiming to protect? Absolutely. 

Even if you believe that all life would end without vaccines, would you argue that it is the responsibility of the federal or state governments to mandate them, jailing and fining those who dare to refuse to become human experiments?

Who owns you? Who owns your children?

Pushing vaccines is apparently never enough for the feds, so we'll also cover a new campaign to get parents to give their children more painkillers. I am not making this up - wait until you hear the audio! When it comes to drugs and vaccines approved by government, truth is stranger than fiction.

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