Thursday, January 21, 2010

"Freedom or Drug-induced Immune Deficiency Syndrome?" podcast link

Freedom or Drug-induced Immune Deficiency Syndrome? podcast link -- The global AIDS industry is reeling with the release of the documentary film House of Numbers. This film allows the establishment scientist themselves to reveal the utter discord that is HIV testing, much less the concept that poisoning the body with pharmaceutical drugs is an intelligent way to reverse immune deficiency. Score one for the good guys! Brent Leung joins me live before the official release in Portland, Oregon this week.

If the government can prohibit raw milk, where does it end? If you want a land of freedom for your children to thrive, perhaps you can do something to secure it to your posterity. A true champion of the Constitution, Michael Badnarik, returns with an important message of liberty.

Kurt Wallace joins me from Liberty Pulse with an update on the Campaign for Liberty event in Atlanta. Plus, I will preview an upcoming C4L event in Raleigh, North Carolina on February 28 where I have been invited to speak on "How the Federal Government is Stealing Your Health." Stay connected to the blog for further updates.

Podcast link:
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