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Curing Cancer without Government Permission: A letter of gratitude to Christopher Barr

8/30/09 1:19 PM

Greetings Rav Barr,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you so very much for your devout willingness to serve your fellow man (and woman in this case) so selflessly through your belief in The Heavenly Father and HIS was of healing us. HIS WAY meaning the use of HIS natural organic creation/supplements (nature tamed, captured, and put into convenient pill-size for us) that HE, The Creator, made to compliment our organic bodies.

It has always been my belief that if Medical Doctors were taught we are “organic” in nature rather than “chemical” in nature that they would rethink the ways they treat a patient and I believe they would find a more agreeable result. Continuously trying to overcome the horrific secondary effects from the incompatible chemicals put in our bodies is, to say the least, an unnecessary battle. You have taught us the answer is right in front of our faces.

Specifically, I would like to take you back to 3 years ago, to Oct. 2006 when I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer: Stage 3B.

I remember the morning after surgery when Dr. Clinton Cook III, in Moutain Home, Arkansas, an elderly grandfather image of a doctor came to my bedside to give me the heart-breaking news.

“Well, we’ll at least give you the option to take chemotherapy,” said Dr. Cook.

From the way he said that, “… we’ll at least give you the option …” I knew I was in trouble. He said nothing of it being caught early or of any odds of beating these things. I remember asking him about Selenium at that time.

“It’s a great preventative, I TOOK if for MANY years, but it won’t help you now,” Dr. Cook advised.

I looked at him with a raised eyebrow and said, “TOOK?”

Sheepishly he cast his eyes down and admitted he had been off it for several years now.

My ovaries had just been removed the day before. One wasn’t even there, the cancer had completely eaten it in less than 30 days (its progress observed through 3 different ultrasounds with vaginal probe during that 30-day span).

Dr. Cook was sure I had Serus because of the aggressive nature of my cancer and what he had seen inside of me. Serus does not react to the chemo. It was a death warrant. So sure was he that they sent my pathology to 3 different labs always expecting the next one to say it was Serus, not Borderline Serus. However, it was Borderline, although VERY malignant and VERY aggressive.

He had me scheduled for 6 chemo sessions (in 3 week intervals), to be followed after a break by another 6 chemo sessions (in 3 week intervals), and then another surgery to remove the omentum which was not previously surgically removable because of the wide-spread cancer and scarring throughout, as well as he wanted a “Second-Look exploratory” to recheck areas.

My chemo doctor in Mountain Home, Arkansas actually advised me very strongly not to take any supplements or alter my normal diet in any way. He was certain that would make no difference in my success.

At that time I was a newly married 50 years old grandmother raising my 9-year-old granddaughter. My husband was sure in his belief that The Heavenly Father would heal me and keep us together. Emotionally, I remember my willingness to accept if The Father said it was my time, but couldn’t understand with so many dependent on me why He would choose this time to take me. I just surrendered to His will and higher purpose. That surrender meant not leaving things in the hands of medical doctors, solely.

We came to you for your wealth of knowledge and help. You put me on a regime of 100 per cent whole food supplements, among them high doses of Selenium, and encouraged us through truth and the wisdom of Torah-Observant-Living to include, but not limited to the dietary and health laws of Scripture. You encouraged us to remain faithful to The Father and His ways.

You anointed me with oil, laid hands on me, and prayed for healing with us.

My CA-125s dropped quickly. By Thanksgiving I was already celebrating the news with family and loved ones. Both my surgeon and my chemo doctor were amazed at the quick turnaround in my overall physical condition.

At the end of the first round of chemo they decided to do a Second-Look surgery. They removed the omentum and scar tissue throughout the region. Pathology was all clear and there was no reason to pursue a 2nd round of chemo.

I continued my CA-125 blood work with a local doctor who also shared with me about his lack of belief as to the nature of my cancer and its seriousness.

“It’s just uncharacteristic to be that well and have no signs so quickly,” the doctor said.

He called my chemo doctor in Arkansas and asked many questions because he was sure that tests were wrong or incomplete. I told him about you and what your contribution to my treatment was and he said he had heard of you, and that he also knew the good of Selenium that he had taken for many years.

After my one-year-mark, the doctor actually used the “C” word. He said I was CURED!

This is a taboo in the medical field. You just don’t say it. Not about cancer. At the time I was being treated I was told by Dr. Cook that the term “remission” is only used when referring to Leukemia and all other cancers are referred to as “Under Control”. So naturally, I was shocked and asked the opinion of my chemo doctor. He agreed that I was cured.

They felt there was no need to continue regular visits for blood work, and recommended 6 month visits for the next year just to be safe.

There is no doubt in my mind that The Heavenly Father chose me to produce another of His miracles upon.

Thank you so much for choosing to be His obedient Servant and for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us. I know you will be blessed.

A sad epilog:

My surgeon sent me a letter, just before my 2nd Post-surgical check-up to advise me he was closing his practice immediately due to health issues. I never got to say goodbye. He was diagnosed with cancer and died 2 weeks later. I can’t help but wonder if he had remained on the Selenium if that would have happened.

Blessings to you, Rav Barr, in The Matchless Name of YahuShua Messiah.


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