Thursday, March 11, 2010

"Defending Omega-3 Fats" podcast link

Defending Omega-3 Fats podcast link – The best way to control a population is to control what it eats. Americans consuming fish oil are less likely to be curtailed by government propaganda campaigns targeting foods that could be used as medicine. Without Omega-3 fats, we cannot think clearly, nor act appropriately to (mis)information requiring a nuanced response.

The federal government has gone on the warpath to convince you that all fish oil products are contaminated with PCBs. Should you be concerned? Not if you get them from the right source.

Corinna Benoit-Bellizzi from Nordic Naturals joins me to shed light on the appropriate ways to get your essential fats from the sea. Whether your needs are vascular, neurological, digestive or musculoskeletal, Omega-3 fats are essential for regaining or maintaining good health. More on the many benefits of the best fats on earth from the right sources, coming up!

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